Croatia spreads from the foothills of Julian Alpes in the North East and the Pannonian Valley in the East, over the mountain range of Dinara in the central part, to the Adriatic Sea in the South.
Surface: 56 542 km2
Surface of the territorial waters: 31 067 km2
Length of the seashore: 5 835 km, out of which 4 058 km belongs to the coasts of islands, cliffs and reefs
Number of islands, cliffs and reefs: 1 185 – out of that, 67 are inhabited islands, and the largest are Krk, Cres and Braè.
Highest mountain: Dinara – 1 831 m/above sea level
Number of inhabitants: 4 437 460. Croats make the majority of population. National minorities are Serbs, Bosnians, Italians, Hungarians, Albanians, Slovenians, Czech, Slovakians and others.
Capital city: Zagreb, 779 145
Political system: Croatia is a parliamentary republic with many parties.
Religion: Roman Catholics (76.5% of the total population), Orthodox (11%), small percentage of Protestants, Jews and Muslims.
Official language: Croatian, written in the Latin alphabet.



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