Omiš is located on the estuary of Cetina, approximately 25 km southern of Split. Town is surrounded with high cliffs and sea and is known by it's pirate history, which can very easily be noticed by the first look.

Above the very town there is an old pirate fort Mirabella, built in XIII century. On the other side of the river there is a 1000 years old Romanic church of St. Petar.

Omis offers many different activities in the nature starting from walking, cycling, canoeing, free climbing, paragliding, diving, sailing and rafting. In Omis there is a big sand beach, one of the most attractive in Dalmatia.

Omis is also known by it's traditional festival of Dalmatian songs which is being held since 1967. with a purpose of cherishing cultural tradition. This is the biggest festival of this sort.

If you travel down the Dalmatian coast make sure to visit this charming little town where the people are warm and friendly.


Omis Plaza
Omis Plaza

Restaurants, taverns, caffe .....
Festival dalmatian klapa ....
Omiš pirates....
Omiš swimming marathon



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