As a combination of adventure, sport and fun, has reached its top success just here, in Omis. Cetina River and its canyon of magnificent beauty give you an unforgettable experience, justifying epithet of town Omis, as the best place for rafting, either for the beginners or for the experts and old fans. You don’t have to go far from the sea to meet the charm of the River; just few kilometres upstream from the mouth of Cetina begins three hours trip-adventure through picturesque river cuts, dancing waterfalls and rapids, meanwhile offering the clear water surrounded by green woods. 16 km long trip ends in the gorgeous “Radmanove Mlinice”-town green area, where you can rest and enjoythe natural environment, which gives you, with fresh air and specific relief, differing much from the near coast,the picture of Omis, as a small town with great contrasts. And that’s what Omis is – small town for pleasant and active holiday.



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