Omiš is an ideal place to plan a recreational weekend. Regardless of your sporting preferences, whether it be diving, wind-surfing, rafting or kayaking (on still-water or rapids), hiking, rock-climbing, hang- or paragliding, cycling or boating, this former refuge of pirates and buccaneers offers all of this on a background of exquisite natural beauty.


Rafting is a sport in which crew in the boats overcome on the specific known path, the river current. In our case, the river current of Cetina, 9 km length. Just the drifting lasts 3-4 hours. Every boat has its own guide who is responsable for the crew and manages the boat. All guides that manage our raft trips are the members of the rafting club ''Cetina'' from Omis (champions of Croatia)..... read more


When you ask what’s the most interesting place for free climbing in Croatia, many free-climbers will answer - Omis. Combining, in the best way, the sea, Cetina River and rocks, what is really eyes cherishing, there are also several advantages in comparison with other locations ..... read more


Unlike rafting, canoeing requires that participants paddle independently in the boats for 2-3 persone. Guides are go with group in kayaks, and care for safety on the river ..... read more


Paragliders and hang-gliders have also found their place in Omiš, where some sort of wind is always blowing. The starting point is ..... read more

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In a small place named Svinisce, 7 km from Omis, there is an interesting restaurant .... read more

The river Cetina is one of the nicest places where you can experi- ence the magic of a adventure.. read more

A large number of beaches nearby will provide You complete relaxation ... read more


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You have chosen this small town for your summer holiday, not without reason .... read more


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