1 Ton Biogas Fired Steam Boiler

1 Ton Biogas Fired Steam Boiler

It is reported that fast boiler opportunity to help APEC summit, with more than Institute, universities collaborate to jointly develop the latest ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions control technology, nitrogen oxide emissions will be maintained at 33 mg / m within the scope of the emissions has exceeded European standards in the future, this technology will better serve the Beijing as well as the national gas boiler renovation project. "Our vision is to: continue to meet the energy needs of user convenience and energy saving, the fast boiler build the first brand of Chinese clean boiler future we will continue in different areas of ultra-low nitrogen, ultra-low dust, low noise, etc. continue to explore. in order to achieve greater results. "the technician said in conclusion.

Divided according to the heated structure, China's current industrial boilers can be basically divided into the following three categories: water tube, fire and water tube, fire-tube. Details are as follows.

Invention of the 1 ton biofired steam boiler to human development enormous help: steam boiler is well known for people to provide quality steam main machine, give humanity a great change in before the advent of steam, the emergence of the age of steam will be introduced human the era of modern civilization. And now there is a steam boiler once again proved that human potential is unlimited, it appears to help people is enormous.

Fuel 1 ton biofired steam boiler flue gas temperature to determine its adjustment: for boiler fuel boilers this broad category, which will be carried out specifically, fuel steam boiler which is to explain the work of knowledge, so that we can learn through, to enhance the level of understanding of this boiler can also add some expertise to make their own benefit. 1. Fuel steam boiler, which is compared with the gas steam boiler, which will have the specific differences? Fuel steam boilers, as compared with the gas steam boiler, in particular on the differences, there are mainly the following, is: one difference: steam boiler fuel burner is generally used, but in the gas steam boiler, is the use of grates bed furnace and a burner, the combustion mode can be selected. Difference between the two: the fuel steam boilers, which generally means not burn out, and in the gas steam boiler, there is a hopper, slag ash and other such devices. Three differences: the two boilers, the furnace heating surface, is very different, but is more complicated to explain, so after chance and so, again explained in detail.

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