10Ton Diesel Fired Boiler

10Ton Diesel Fired Boiler

Six months from Hainan Sinochem Pharmaceuticals 10ton diesel fired boiler equipment normally used in odd years, the equipment in good condition, our technical staff has repeatedly went to inspect the guidance. In the process of Hainan with the pharmaceutical companies, the other either for my company's product or service we are very satisfied with our company's reputation and expressed trust. --customer feedback

Summer hot water 10ton diesel fired boiler maintenance and protection of summer coming, how the hot water boiler maintenance. Depending on the season to be different strategies can be used to maintain our ground boiler. First, Zhoukou City lofty Taikang temperature hot water body uses the high quality stainless steel, durable, water sanitation; outsourcing of high quality insulation materials to strengthen the insulation, reducing heat loss. Second, hot water Zhoukou lofty Tai inspection port configured to facilitate the inspection; optimized furnace design, a large capacity of water, heating surface, high thermal efficiency, fast heating, an adequate supply of water. Third, intelligent computer controller uniquely configured, continuous supply of water can be achieved, eliminating the need for heat storage tank, investment savings, reducing the area of ​​the boiler room. Fourth, high water Zhoukou Tai great degree of automation, water, combustion temperature control automatic operation, status display rich; overheating protection, water protection, and the timing of self-test and other functions. Fifth, the integration of the machine, arrangement is compact and small, easy to install; boiling state display clear, bright color and beautiful appearance. Zhoukou Taikang more ambitious summer hot water boiler maintenance tips.

To get the higher your efficiency condensing 10ton diesel fired boiler heat, it may be from three aspects of energy utilization is high condensing boiler, in practical applications, higher thermal efficiency than ordinary boiler, and thus more cost savings. So we under what circumstances, and how to make use of condensing boilers achieve higher thermal efficiency of it? Fast boiler come to you give you a brief introduction of the analysis. First, the operating conditions at lower temperatures the higher thermal efficiency of the heating system is a condensing boiler water temperature can be adjusted during use, the water temperature can be set according to the terminal configuration. Obtained through many experiments and consumer feedback derived from the condensation boiler higher thermal efficiency at a relatively low temperature operating conditions. Second, the use of higher thermal efficiency at lower output power, we will condensing boiler water temperature set, then the boiler will be controlled automatically according to the temperature of combustion we set, when the water temperature approaches the set time , issued motherboard boiler gas valve opening signal is reduced, the flame is automatically reduced to the role of maintaining stability and temperature. Thus described, condensing boilers at a low output power higher thermal efficiency. Third, to maintain a certain temperature difference between flow and return of the circulating pump can be improved in thermal efficiency condensing boiler heating system used is a keep up the flow of water medium, so that the high-temperature water in the boiler to the end device comes out. But the circulation pump in the boiler is a certain speed, that is, no matter how much power in a condensing boiler combustion, a circulation pump is always in operation speed, the use of variable frequency pump, pump speed changes with power boiler changes, it will make flow and return temperature is maintained constant temperature difference, so to maintain a certain temperature difference between flow and return of the thermal efficiency can be improved. Three cases is to use efficiency condensing boilers to improve the way we focus on the. Only use efficiency, and in the course of professional condensing boiler can be more highlight its value, and thus give consumers a better experience.

Now we look together, when the hot water 10ton diesel fired boiler outage and restart the practices it!

1, the heating boiler is stopped, as is normal shutdown pressure fire, the blower should outage, then outage induced draft fan, the coal supply is stopped, but not circulating pump outage. Because the water pump outage may cause water vaporization furnace, water pumps still continue to operate. When the system temperature dropped to below 50-60 ℃, and then stop the circulating pump. The intermittent heating may not be necessarily shorter interval outage circulating pump.

2, when the furnace start again, should open the circulating pump, the water in the system has reached normal cycle, open the induced draft fan, blower, start the grate and the coal system, gradually recovered coal combustion. When the shutdown longer required pressure furnace, combustion should preferably seam, after clearing slag, then covered with a thick coal seam fire pressure.

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