10Ton Steam Boiler Prices

10Ton Steam Boiler Prices

3, a low nitrogen gas boiler using more advanced technology, higher thermal efficiency

Gas low nitrogen boiler fast boiler through the use of flue gas condensation heat recovery technology, the high temperature flue gas in the latent heat and the sensible heat portion utilized, the thermal efficiency can be improved by about 20%, more than 103%, significant savings in the late running costs, also reducing operating costs.

July Anyang, sunshine. High-tech inject vitality into this piece of land, full of vitality. July 13, Anyang city government reporter who entered the fast boiler, in-depth understanding of this high-tech enterprises. In a variety of advanced multimedia platforms vivid Group R & D Center Exhibition Hall, human-computer interaction, virtual reality, interactive projection, and display a low nitrogen, condensation, wings tubes, finned tubes, FGR, premix boiler and other industries advanced technology, people may feel a sense of infinite shock. Mr. Lu Haigang Group President introduced to: "The company set up 20 years ago, the road of innovation and invention wider and wider, 2012 has been made of 105 patents." In recent years, fast boiler also to the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology as a breakthrough point, and strive to make improvements for the boiler service life cycle, the introduction of cloud services platform 3.0, within a real-time monitoring of boiler equipment fast nationwide more than 4,600 Taiwan side.

How to adjust the boiler superheated steam temperature reheat steam temperature? 1, to adjust the superheated steam temperature: boiler superheated steam temperature adjustment generally spray desuperheater mainly as a means of fine tuning. Desuperheaters is two or more are arranged to change the amount of water to adjust the size of the high and low temperature steam. Further inclination may be varied and the burner nozzle administered under fire stop, change with the wind conditions and the like to change the center position of the flame as a coarse adjustment means, for the purpose of adjusting the steam temperature. 2, adjust the reheat steam temperature: adjust the reheat steam temperature is substantially recycled flue gas, flue baffle separator, heat exchanger and steam FAW four methods to change the height of the flame center. Using the recirculation fan, the low temperature flue gas economizer section is withdrawn from the vicinity of the cold and then into the furnace hopper, to vary the proportion of the radiation heat absorbing and convection heating surface of the heating surface. For disposed within the convection pass reheater, when the load decreases, reheated steam temperature decreases, the amount of recycled flue gas may be increased, so that in the heat absorption heat increases, maintaining unchanged reheat steam temperature. After the wall with the back pass is divided into two parallel flue, the flue is arranged in two superheater and reheaters, respectively, in parallel with the flue economizer dampers, may be varied adjusting the flow through the plate to open two flue flue gas flow, to adjust the reheat steam temperature. FAW superheated steam heat exchanger is a steam heating to adjust the reheat steam temperature of reheat steam device. For setting the boiler wall and semi reheater radiant reheater can be reheated steam temperature adjusted by changing the height of the center of the furnace flame. Further reheater spray is also provided as an auxiliary micro fine adjustment means.

Take it down, gas-fired, at any time, shut down the boiler with strict implementation of the requirements. For example: after a power outage shut down the boiler before a period of time, on a regular basis to exclude anomalies between lines and comprehensive clean-up of dirt, once the line should be damaged or loose parts in a timely manner in accordance with the instructions to make precautions to avoid large-scale accident late.

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