20T H Kerosine Shell Type Boiler

20T H Kerosine Shell Type Boiler

On the ISH heating HVAC industry event, fast Boiler bring new products customized for the paper and packaging industry well-built --- Euromonitor θ5 stunning debut, attracting various participants competing concerns. The product closed condensate recovery system, temperature condensate directly into the 20t h kerosine shell type boiler design, three-pass boiler with economizer + + structure air preheater for recycling heat from the high temperature condensed water source, the thermal efficiency of up to 95%, to save operating costs with immediate effect.

Furnace explosion of the causes of ordinary gas 20t h kerosine shell type boiler steam boiler gas burned in open flame and furnace process, if the following three conditions appear, it is easy to attack blast furnace accident. 1, open burning furnace, furnace residual gas content limit to reach the fire. 2, open incinerator, several points Eventually, the content of the furnace gas reaches the ignition limit, and then incinerated. 3, halfway flameout, fuel discharge series, spontaneous combustion of the fuel in the furnace temperature can change, so that the gas reaches the ignition limit of the content, and then incinerated. Forming flame halfway reasons are as follows: 1, gas is not supplied in succession. 2, during the adjustment, the valve opening degree increases or decreases suddenly. 3, lean fuel-rich flammability limit narrow. In order to avoid the onset of blasting incidents of burning fuel gas-fired boiler initiative and flame monitoring protection devices should be installed.

Water tube 20t h kerosine shell type boiler structure and characteristics (the single vertical water tube boiler drum): a single longitudinal drum furnace wall water tube boiler is divided into light and heavy monolith furnace furnace furnace wall bulk are two, by the vertical drum, water wall tube, and around convection bank set box. Configured features: the central drum longitudinally disposed upper portion of the furnace, and the convection tube sets are disposed on both sides of the waterwall tubes of the furnace, symmetrical, with A similar shape. Smoke vents high temperature flue gas from the furnace into the left rear of the left convection pass forward through the drum from the front end of the transverse flue, the convection pass off to the right person, and then flows back to the front by the economizer, via lead fans and chimneys.

This can be seen, hot water 20t h kerosine shell type boilers and steam boilers are different in terms of scope and environmental protection, so the consumer can select different when using a boiler plant according to their needs.

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