300Hp Diesel Steam Boiler In Mexico

300Hp Diesel Steam Boiler In Mexico

The water circulation of the double horizontal tube water tube boiler is divided into two parts: one part is the water circulation of the convection tube bundle between the upper and lower horizontal pots; the other part is the water circulation by the water wall tube around the furnace, wherein the water in the front and rear water wall tubes The steam-water mixture directly enters the upper drum, and the steam-water mixture in the water-cooled wall pipes on both sides enters the upper drum through the upper header and the steam guiding tube. The water in each water wall tube is supplied by a down pipe drawn from the lower drum.

In mid-June this year, Hebei Province issued a notice regarding the development of gas-fired boiler nitrogen oxides (referred to as NOx) governance, in order to further deepen the boiler pollution control, reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions, improving air quality, will gradually nitrogen oxides exceeded boiler discharged for investigation and control work, high nitrogen oxide emissions from the original (150mg / Nm3 or above) is reduced to 30mg / Nm3. City, Hebei Province is located in the Yili Dairy Co., Ltd. to respond positively to governance EPA gas boiler NOx reduction, and led the way, three of the company's existing 15 steam tons / hour (t / h) gas 300hp diesel steam boiler in mexicos for low-nitrogen emissions transformation.

SZS Steam Boiler Inspection need to pay attention to what a regular basis SZS Steam Boiler Inspection need to pay attention to what a regular basis SZS 300hp diesel steam boiler in mexico during operation, the need for regular inspection and maintenance, then the necessity to do so, what does? Below small with everyone to make a necessary understanding. (1) Periodic inspection of boiler is clearly written legal provisions, to ensure boiler safety, high efficiency, good benefits, to be strictly enforced. (2) during operation of the boiler inevitably subject to wear, abnormal operation and so on, then, in the course of its regular inspections, the timely discovery of these problems and take appropriate action. Especially for such an institution SZS Steam Boiler concerned, to ensure that the unit production efficiency as well as personnel and property safety, conduct regular inspections are very necessity. Therefore, in the process of implementation, to actively implement the inspection, ensure that the boiler body, the individual elements of the boiler and auxiliary equipment configurations are safe in normal operating state, Also, with particular attention to dust impurity SZS boiler steam boiler whether the work place, professional personnel to operate, standard is in place.

Well, atmospheric pressure hot water boiler and hot water boiler What is the difference? This is what we are concerned about. High-pressure hot water boiler heating system susceptible to stress, there is a risk of explosion. Atmospheric hot water boiler heating system was not added pressure, and the atmosphere is always the same, so there is no risk of explosion.

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