5 Tph Biogas Fired Steam Boiler

5 Tph Biogas Fired Steam Boiler

Burner is arguably one of the most important gas boiler auxiliary equipment, the same burner installation and commissioning work is also one of the important steps to install the boiler. Burner Before installation, you need to focus on the following points:

High calorific calorific + = latent heat of vaporization of water vapor

Calorific value as the actual amount of heat when the closest industrial boiler combustion, commonly used in design calculations, that the efficiency of the boiler is not considered original latent heat of vaporization smoke accounted for 11% of that part of the thermal efficiency of the boiler is generally 90 ~ 92%.

Fang fast, based on the boiler industry, the rise in clean-burning, low-nitrogen management in a more environmentally friendly. In the family group when Mr. Lu Haiqing's correct leadership, we deepen the industrial revolution, brought together the group cohesion, pioneered premix, FGR low nitrogen and other advanced processing technology and products in the industry; more than 100 national patents so that we in the industry chasing; unique cloud service remote control system for boiler intelligent control. Anyang City, the first batch of standards implementation of intellectual property rights demonstration units, the industry's first high-tech digital exhibition hall, China's first put into practical operation of the low nitrogen boiler ...... party fast data demonstrate, to speak with strength.

Dry condensing boiler maintenance condensation boilers belongs to a boiler, condensing boilers require regular maintenance, we watched the small series in detail. After maintenance shutdown dry 1, the boiler water exhausted, scale remove soot, slag and furnace heating surface. Boiler water supply pipe 2 is closed, water supply, the valve on the outfall, or blocked by the separator Yan, completely isolated from the other operation of the boiler. 3 open manhole, hand hole, the boiler naturally dried if wet boiler, and with a slow fire the boiler furnace wall flue drying. 4 selected amount desiccant. Common desiccant anhydrous calcium chloride (of CaCl2) and quicklime (CaO2), CaCl2 2kg per cubic meter of volume of water placed quantitative, requires selection of particles of about 15mm; lime 3kg per cubic meter of the volume of water placed quantitative, requires selection of 10mm ~ 30mm lumps. After drying the boiler 5, the tray containing a desiccant and the release drum furnace in order to absorb moisture, not in direct contact with the desiccant required boiler heating surface. 6 desiccant should be placed once, to see whether the heating surface corrosion in the boiler regularly checked every week a month, the timely replacement of the desiccant failure, a month later inspected once every two weeks.

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