6T H Diesel Steam Boiler Price

6T H Diesel Steam Boiler Price

"APH T6" boiler circuit to meet the various needs, select single or series and parallel, with the use depending on the circumstances. Premix combustion technology with technology and wings, by fine adjustment control, to promote efficient mixing of gas and air, the combustion more fully, more efficient, suppressing the generation of NOx from the source. Beijing new boiler The boiler NOx emissions less than 18mg / m3, well below the most stringent in the history called "boiler air pollutant emission standards" under the implementation of emission limits 30mg / m3 of.

How to improve steam quality of 6t h diesel steam boiler price effectively

Steam boilers are important equipment in the production lines of food production, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, etc. The boiler thermal efficiency and steam quality directly affect the production volume and production cost. Choosing a highly efficient and safe condensing gas steam boiler can fundamentally reduce production costs, so how can steam quality improve?

Gas-fired 6t h diesel steam boiler price burner flame reason? Approach gas steam boiler burner flame is more serious, if the improper operation of the boiler can cause misfiring, severe cases can cause boiler explosion. The main reason gas steam boiler flameout has instantly increases following 1. gas pressure, the pressure at the moment would be to increase the burner fire phenomenon occurs off the burner flameout 2. without water this will affect the boiler flame , this is because gas steam boiler with automatic protection measures in the water level reaches a certain critical point of combustion automatically flameout. Question 3. burner control box appears. 4. The valve problem, automatic control and cut off the fuel supply. The internal combustion engine fan problems, low load furnace pressure is too large excessive leakage and other excessive wind, so that the furnace temperature is too low can also cause flame boiler; processing method, if the burner flame should suddenly how processing should be taken to prevent blast furnace, it is necessary immediately cut off fuel supply to the furnace, the electromagnetic valve block is then blocked fuel gas supply valve of each burner operation. When the action to be fast in order to avoid inheritance or restore fuel supply during operation, causing the furnace explosion. How to check what the problem is, to watch the pressure of natural gas through the intake pressure gauge to see if the water is the cause of, if not the first two questions, then check the control box and valve block if there is a problem, start the test to see if the problem is a manual fan operation first carry out a purge blower fan not see the problem, before starting the boiler should be enhanced ventilation purge, purge time greater than 5 minutes, and then carry out procedures ignition. It is forbidden to send fuel directly to the high-temperature furnace without using an ignition spark ignition device to prevent furnace explosions.

The open recovery system recovers the condensed water into the feed water tank of the boiler. During the recovery and utilization of the condensed water, one end of the recovery line is open to the atmosphere, that is, the collection tank of the condensed water is open to the atmosphere. When the pressure of the condensed water is low and the self-pressure cannot reach the reuse site, the condensed water is pumped by the high-temperature water pump. The advantage of this kind of system is that the equipment is simple, the operation is convenient, and the initial investment is small; but the system covers a large area, the obtained economic benefit is poor, the environmental pollution is large, and the dissolved oxygen concentration in the condensed water is directly contacted by the condensed water. Increased, easy to cause equipment corrosion. This system is suitable for small steam supply systems, systems with a small amount of condensed water and a small amount of secondary steam. When using this system, the amount of secondary steam emissions should be minimized.

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