8 Ton Vertical Steam Boilers Seller

8 Ton Vertical Steam Boilers Seller

Horizontal boiler fuel tube defines the combustion gas boiler Classified DESCRIPTION internal combustion type first horizontal tube boiler (1) horizontal tube boiler combustion, which is defined as equal to the vertical axis of the boiler furnace housing floor and the combustion chamber body. Characteristics of the hearth (2) Horizontal combustion tube of the boiler combustion chamber of the boiler. Placed in the furnace burner nozzle, the high-temperature combustion of tobacco extends back to the furnace. Reentry space (reburn chamber) after leaving the furnace, into the second return channel near the recycled (smoke duct), the second time re-entry [2] reentry times, three secondary offset, recycled, the total number of retracement no more than four times, the most common three melted down. This type of boiler can be classified into a dry back boiler and all wet back boiler, the type of re-entry structure according to the rear space of flue gas. Back burning boiler flue gas space is made of refractory material reentry, all wet back boiler flue gas space defined by the reentry of reburning immersed in the water chambers. In addition, there is again a central combustion boiler: the rear wall of the furnace tank is sealed within the furnace shell, the flue gas back to the front by the inner wall of the tank furnace. This boiler can also be considered to be fully wet back boiler. Although dry Boiler simple structure, easy to damage the refractory hearth rear, rear tube plate often directly from the high temperature flue gas cleaning, waste type belong, and is currently almost no manufacturer it. While the all-trans Boiler wet complicated structure, but it avoids the problem of the smoke seal reentry space more suitable for combustion in a slight positive pressure. Therefore, at present in most plants, this type of boiler mostly all wet-back type 2. When the boiler water tube boiler capacity of Ge / 30ampt / h, the indicators are much better than water tube boiler fire boiler. The only caveat is that the combustion characteristics of gas requires a slight positive pressure ventilation, and therefore the furnace wall are high strength and tightness. The main types of water tube boiler of D-A and O A common characteristic of these three tubes are horizontally arranged, the horizontal burner installation, easy operation and maintenance, the small height dimension, the length of the flexible and suitable for continuous production of boiler tubes. D-type boiler tube vertical type double boiler, water wall right side, the left (right) to the convection bank, economizer, or superheater O type is needed between the double boiler drum vertical tube type, the tube pan long and short pot pipe. Both sides of the front waterwall tubes bent to each other at a lower portion, and is connected to the lower header. The front portion of the burner is provided with a one-pot type A longitudinal tube. Furnace and a conduit between the convection tubes on both sides of the pot and the lower header tube composition. A burner provided in the front portion. Boiler filter belt. 3 may be provided at rear of the boiler. Vertical boiler vertical axis is a vertical boiler case of small vertical boilers. It is generally disposed on the burner top. A central hearth furnace flue gas back to the bottom cover, and washed administered formed by heating, to separate the vapor from the upper portion; burner can also be provided in the bottom, the combustion in the furnace, and then rinsing the uprising pipe, water heating the tube within the housing.

Many hotels, residential boilers are hoping to complete the heating bath + dual purpose. When the boiler to achieve two purposes, taking into account both the need for different water temperature, the hot water produced by the boiler needs to be divided into two by a trap, the way used for bathing, another path for the heating, can be two-way Configuring the heat exchanger, the water temperature set flexibly according to specific needs.

Industrial boiler pot-treatment plant Notice industrial boiler pot-treatment plant in Note 1, the pot of water adjusted index Dosage: take the pot should regularly test the water if the water boiler index failed to promptly adjust dosing. the amount. 2, first cleaning and then scale: If the boiler has already been completed have more scale, the scale should be pre-cleared, and then using the boiler dosing process in order to avoid disaster furnace operation due to the effect of scale drug accumulation or loss caused clogging pipes. The worst case, can cause bulge or boiler tube rupture. 3, reasonable irresolute pollution: pot-effect at the Rose flower and boiler blowdown closely pot-generated slag can not speak dirt removed to prevent boiler scaling through. 4, regular inspection shutdown: pot-treatment effect can be seen only before the inspection shutdown, shutdown should generally be six months to check the word. If the cleaning effect is not ideal, should be timely adjusted. Bing pot of water to completely remove the slag or scale.

Yangzhou City in Jiangsu Province, the municipal government issued a notice of 2019 annual remediation tasks boiler, with the text published a list of boiler regulation, as follows.

3, the nitrogen gas boiler oxide (NOx) emission limit is not higher than 50 mg / m transformation, in accordance with other indicators of "boiler air emission standards" in the gas-fired boiler particularly performed emission limits.

(1) prohibits blended with other fuels such as coal, bags and other supporting efficient dust removal facilities, and effectively discharge standards. Emission standards in accordance with "boiler air emission standards" in coal-fired boilers particularly performed emission limits.

Full implementation of the above steam 2,65 t / h coal-fired boiler transformation ultra-low emission, soot, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, respectively, 10 mg / m, 35 mg / m, 50 mg / cubic meter.

3, disable all kinds of close small coal-fired facilities (tea boiler and furnace operating coal-fired stove, rural production, aquaculture and other coal-fired facilities), switching to natural gas, electricity, solar and other clean energy. In remote rural areas, could be replaced by forming biomass as a fuel, but must use a professional boiler, supporting efficient dust removal facilities, to ensure that pollutant discharge standards, emissions standards refer to "boiler air pollutant emission standards" in particular coal-fired boiler emission limits carried out.

4, a low nitrogen gas boiler and treatment for the transformation, the installation of low NOx combustion by the low NOx combustion mode, etc., to ensure that the nitrogen oxide emission limit is not higher than 50 mg / m. Other indicators according to "boiler air emission standards" in the gas-fired boiler particularly performed emission limits.

5, forming a comprehensive remediation biomass fuel boilers, biomass fired boiler clean-up does not meet the special requirements of the boiler, not supporting a biomass fired boiler emissions and efficient dust removal facilities of non-compliance. To meet the special requirements of the boiler and supporting efficient dust removal facilities, the establishment of accounting and retain more than one year, emission standards refer to "boiler air pollutant emission standards" emission limits in particular the implementation of coal-fired boilers. More than 10 tons of steam installation of gas-line monitoring instruments, and networking with the environmental protection department. Located in the city built-up area forming ultra-low emission biomass boilers implement reform.

6, bulk coal sales within the city limits are all clear according to the law, the use of bulk coal user implementation of the "coal to electricity" for street vendors and other "coal to gas" campaign, a pin number management. At the same time, prohibiting the establishment of long-term supervision mechanism bulk coal, non-bulk coal inflows.

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