8Mw Water Tube Steam Boilers

8Mw Water Tube Steam Boilers

The problem to be noticed in the next installation step is ventilation, because gas-fired boilers produce a large amount of oil smoke in the process of operation, even if each gas-fired boiler has a special smoke exhaust facility. But when installing still should pay attention to the ventilation problem. There are two advantages to ventilation. The first is that it is conducive to smoke emission and the second is to maintain the temperature in the boiler room so that the temperature is set too high to make people feel uncomfortable in it.

What are the matters needing attention in the operation of condensing boiler

It is well known that the specialized condensing boilers on the market in China today can effectively recover the heat emitted from the exhaust gas of the boiler, and further promote the operational efficiency of the condensing boiler with the potential heat of the steam cycle in the flue gas. In the application of this condensing boiler, the content of harmful gas can also be reduced effectively. In order to make this kind of condensing boiler with reliable quality play its corresponding work and value, it is more necessary to realize effective monitoring in the course of operation, and the following article gives a brief introduction to the matters needing attention in the operation of condensing boiler.

1. Pay attention to correct cleaning and handling; It is well known that in the course of boiler operation, the cleaning and disposal must be realized, so it is necessary to ensure that the efficacy and composition of the acid washing slow-release agent can accord with the corresponding application effect, but in the products designed by the full premixed condensing boiler manufacturers in our country, There is a greater need to ensure stable cleanliness and a better level of cleaning. Therefore, in the stable operation of professional condensing boilers in China today, we must pay attention to its corrosion rate and corrosion materials and master reasonable testing methods. To ensure a smoother cleaning of its circulating pipeline, the stable use and quality of the condensing boiler can be ensured with a more stable cleaning quality. Dirt removal effect.

2. Pay attention to emergency early warning and timely shutdown disposal; It is self-evident that in daily use, only by ensuring that the corresponding dangerous failure factors are understood and that the basic system is carried out in a timely manner can this kind of condensing boiler be able to produce better results. Moreover, it is necessary to pay more attention to the dangerous problems existing in the operation of condensing boiler to ensure that its own disposal is more efficient to meet the demands of daily application for safe operation.

It is reported that Inner Mongolia has issued a "winning Blue Sky Battle three-year action plan to implement the program," out of shutting down 300,000 kilowatts coal-fired units of non-compliance. Vigorously promote the region's coal-fired units (excluding the circulating fluidized bed and "W" Flame Boiler) ultra-low emission transformation, by the end of 2018, Wuhai City and the surrounding areas all in-service thermal power coal-fired units basically completed the transformation; by the end of 2020 before, with the rest of the transformation of the conditions to complete the transformation of coal-fired power plants all. And promote the implementation of the transformation of ultra-low emissions and steel industries.

First, the implementation of dual control energy consumption. And vigorously promote the total energy consumption and intensity "dual control" to promote the reduction of coal consumption through energy saving. Earnestly implement the autonomous region, "" Thirteen five "comprehensive energy conservation program of work for carbon reduction" and "energy saving" Thirteen Five "plan", by the end of 2020, the region's total energy consumption control at around 225 million tons of standard coal, coal accounts the proportion of total energy consumption decreased from 82.9% in 2015 to 79% unit GDP energy consumption fell 14% from 2015. According to focus on the use of coal and clean use of principles, focusing on reduction of non-coal for electricity, increase the proportion of electricity from coal, coal power accounted raise the proportion of total coal consumption to around 55%.

Second, the development of clean energy and new energy. By the end of 2020, non-fossil energy consumption reached about 25 million tons. An orderly wind power and photovoltaic power generation projects, optimization of wind energy, solar energy development layout. Increase renewable energy consumptive efforts to solve the basic wind abandoned, abandoned light problem. By the end of 2020, the region consumptive wind power capacity has reached 45 million kilowatts, 15 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation reached.

Is there a pre-purchase preparation and boiler circulating pump installed properly position the product on the site and keywords, the object of this article is to explain to the boiler, mainly to illustrate their knowledge, so that we can come to grasp through study, and then the good use the knowledge to practical work to make their benefit, so as not to waste such a good learning opportunity. 1. Are there preparatory work before the boiler to buy? Boiler product before making the purchase, is the need to do some preparatory work, but also need to take seriously and carry out this work, because it relates to the ability to buy the right product. In addition, this work primarily for two purposes, first, to the importance of this work reflects the purchase of the product, second, in order to avoid the wrong choice appears. On the job content, in addition to use of the environment and use of the product requires a clear understanding, but also need to know some basic information about products and manufacturing factory, good conduct multi-comparison and comprehensive consideration. 2. efficiency biomass boilers can reach the number? Why can not contain salt water boiler? Raw material efficiency boiler, for now, is generally above 80%, and it also related to boiler specifications, the greater the higher specification model boiler boiler efficiency, therefore, in terms of large-scale biomass boilers, its efficiency can reach 88.3%. The boiler water containing salts can not, because if the boiler water contains carbonates, silicates, sulfates, etc. These salts are then easily generated inside the boiler scale containing calcium and magnesium, in turn, affect the boiler work and run. 3. What is the volume of the furnace heat load of the boiler? It is better circulation pump is installed where? Furnace volume heat boiler load, which in turn can call hot strength, is represented by the symbol qv, is expressed in units of KW / m3 or KJ. That from a professional point of view, it refers to the average calories per hour into the lead to the unit volume. Moreover, the Boilers and also lead to volume-related parameters, certain parameters of the boiler and volume, qv smaller the larger the furnace volume, both of which are inversely proportional relationship. Boiler circulating pump installation location, the installation is relatively good on the drain. In general, it refers to a device which is conveyed in the reaction, absorbing, separating, absorbing liquid circulating pump regeneration liquid, typically using more single-stage centrifugal pump, which is characterized by high temperature, larger flow and a low head.

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