Auto Fuel Oil Fired Hot Water Boilers

Auto Fuel Oil Fired Hot Water Boilers

How to use cheap coal-fired boiler, gas boiler and auto fuel fired hot water boilers: gas steam boiler burner underlying mode, two-pass configuration, the fuel combustion, the boiler operation is stable and take up less space, while the spoiler is inserted smoke tube, slowing exhaust speed, increase heat transfer, high thermal efficiency, reduce user costs of coal-fired boilers, gas boilers, to achieve environmental protection, energy saving effect. Dust content of exhaust gas can be reduced by 30% to 40%. Mounting position: the oil pump is mounted between the nozzle and the combustion chamber or the ambient temperature should not exceed 360 ℃. Combustion apparatus exhaust gas discharged air pollution is greatly reduced. An exhaust gas of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons (HC) and other harmful components greatly reduced, harmful exhaust gases reduced by 50%.

Gas boiler burner failure how to do? Fault gas burning boiler opportunity arise, the most frequently occurring burner ignition rods gas boiler is not firing. The reason is concerned, it is because the ignition rods gap sandwiched carbon residue, oil phenomenon appeared, followed, that is because ignition rods chipping, moisture or leakage, furthermore, to stick ignition misfire, is because the distance between the ignition does not stick, too long or too short. Gas boiler burner ignition misfire rod, there may occur ignition due to the damage the insulation coating rod, ground short circuit; Then, since the ignition cable is transformer failure, including cable disconnection, connector damage caused by ignition when a short circuit; transformer disconnection or other failure occurs. When it comes to measures to deal with it is, it will include clearing, as well as new ones to adjust their distance, lane changing and changing transformers. Further, when we are faced with the ignition rod on the gas boiler burner spark reasons but misfiring, because the cyclone disc ventilation gap is blocked by carbon deposits, resulting in poor ventilation, or because the oil nozzle is dirty, clogged or is worn, it is because there is relatively small throttle angle setting. Gas boiler ignition spark rod misfiring but also may be due inappropriate firing rod tip from the leading edge of the oil from the nozzle (or protrude too retracted), moreover, the gun is because the first solenoid a valve clogging debris (small kerosene gun); if too viscous oily or not easily flow filtration system or re-clogging of the oil valve is not open, that the pump inlet is insufficient, low oil pressure. Finally, there is a spark ignition rods but misfire, because the pump itself or filter blockage in the oil because of its more water (boiling abnormal noise within the heater). For gas-fired boiler ignition spark stick but misfire, we must first be clear; the next, which is to be cleaned, such as not enough time to pay attention to new ones; furthermore, also is to pay attention to transfer a small test before they can .

Boiler profiles wine industry and wine industry profile liquor business applications There are two processes, one is fermentation, distillation is another must be used for steam production. However, in addition, the existing processing equipment, has also led to low efficiency of the entire industry, food raw materials, water and energy consumption, serious pollutant emissions, the traditional mode of production workshop has seriously hampered the future of the entire industry. Wherein Wines traditional coal-fired boiler exhaust gas containing more pollutants. Although the provinces out a policy on the elimination of small coal-fired boilers, heavy oil, timber, etc., but the direction is the same: low consumption, low emissions, is the foundation, the ultimate goal is to achieve ecological wine production enterprises. Wine industry boilers fermentation and distillation program is a program brewery boiler needed for two purposes. Using a mixture of koji fermentation, ethanol fermentation production of grains; distillation using a distiller, a condenser and the like to extract alcohol from grain, wine production. Brewery fermentation, distillation requires a large steam, if coupled with heating, with hot steam bath. As environmental awareness in our country, many local governments restrict the use of small coal-fired boilers, gas boilers equipment emerged, biomass boilers. Low running costs, no pollution of nitrogen oxides and sulfides, by the wineries and other enterprises alike.

Fast boiler "the most beautiful woman welder" provincial welding contest won success, "the Sixth National employees vocational skills contest Henan welder trials," concluded successfully, our employees participate in the contest section slowly on behalf of the city. In the game, she had five hurdles will stand out from the province's 18 cities 45 contestants, good access to the provincial tournament eighth-place finish.

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