Bath Gas Vacuum Water Tube Boiler

Bath Gas Vacuum Water Tube Boiler

Second Session of the CPPCC National Committee Session of March 5 press conference held in the afternoon, the CPPCC National Committee of Population, Resources and Environment Committee, Democratic National Construction Association Central Committee, Environmental Management Division of the Ministry of Ecology Environment Atmospheric Liu Bingjiang said: Last year, resolve more than 30 million tons of steel production capacity, 810 million kilowatts of coal-fired units basically reached the national emission levels of natural gas, built the world's largest clean coal power base, out of 1.3 million units in industrial furnaces, coal accounts for the country's primary energy consumption the proportion of first time below the 60% to 59%, and turned off the small coal-fired boilers 23000 units.

At present the country has completed a preliminary air pollution control goals, the future will continue to promote coal-fired boilers governance, and the introduction of more stringent emission performance standards of air pollution.

Water quality vacuum hot water boiler is what vacuum hot water boiler quality requirements: a body of water to be a softening of the heat medium, late life without supplements. Conventional boiler water quality standards and in fact the same, particularly, a vacuum hot water boiler water quality requirements are the following criteria: 1, the furnace as a heat medium water in the furnace, the whole process is not out of the boiler operation, the increase or decrease, It closed only in a vacuum chamber of the boiler, heat transfer between the heat transfer tubes and the boiler heat exchanger. 2, the cooling water circulating device from high temperatures, less demanding quality of the circulating water. 3, the heat medium furnace needs completely deoxygenated pure water. The only way to avoid the furnace corrosion and scaling. Thus, the boiler water quality is the key, be sure to choose water quality standards, so the life of the boiler over 20 years, or even longer. High speed side vacuum heat produced by the hot water boiler efficiency, non-polluting cleaning operation, in line with low nitrogen emissions requirements. long lasting. Welcome to inquire.

Vacuum gas boiler blowdown way in which civilian areas of heating, vacuum hot water boiler no doubt be welcomed by more and more enterprises. Compared with the conventional hot water boiler, vacuum hot water boiler having a high thermal efficiency, small size, and easy installation. When using a heat medium water, do not worry about structural problems, its service life is three times the normal boiler. Vacuum gas boiler according to the manufacturer, the boiler water pollution control means to a predetermined quality standard, the impurities in the furnace held within a certain range, must continually remove the salt and alkali content of boiler water from the boiler and large deposits bottom water, sludge and sediments, this process is the boiler blowdown. Vacuum gas boiler emissions of pollutants mainly in two ways: continuous cycle and periodic emissions. The following are specific measures to manufacturer's vacuum hot water boiler: continuous blowdown: Continuous vacuum gas emissions is to reduce the boiler water boiler water salinity and alkalinity. Otherwise, the concentration of the boiler water is too high will affect the quality of steam. Regular Drainage: periodically vacuum boiler exhaust gas is an intermittent drain, which purpose is to remove the lower portion of the boiler water, slag and accumulated sediment. Although the duration of each periodic sewage is not long, but it has a strong ability sediment load.

Heating customers Why choose vacuum hot water boiler? Vacuum hot water boiler heating boiler equipment user in mind favored by many, such as hotels, residential housing, building shopping malls, office units and other places, vacuum hot water boilers have been widely used, said that people's lives can be described as a good helper. So, what are the advantages of vacuum hot water boiler does, why heating customers have chosen it do? Fast boiler bring you closer to the vacuum hot water boiler, understand the mysteries.

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