Biogas Fired Steam Boiler Tomato Pulp Plant

Biogas Fired Steam Boiler Tomato Pulp Plant

Secondly, another part of the boiler is the combustion apparatus. The equipment is mainly furnace and burner. Generally combustion equipment, technical content he needs is very high, so it requires the application of well-known brand manufacturers produced by the burner, better able to improve combustion efficiency, as is the entire power boiler burner.

Price price gas boiler gas boiler: gas boiler during operation can be carried out from two aspects of preparation and inspection work before the start of the run. Prepared before the start: a normal condition of gas pressure check to see if the valve leaks, and a valve switch is in place. 2. To test whether the gas alarm system to work properly, it is necessary to test whether the fan can be started. 3. In order to check the water softening system, the softening agent should be in operation, the water level of the tank should be in a normal state. 4. Check the boiler, the switching valve decontamination, to see whether it is working properly. 5. Circulation pump outlet valve closed, to start the circulation pump, slowly open the outlet valve, the outlet pressure is adjusted to 0.3-0.35MPa, back pressure to 0.2-0.25MPa. Check operation: 1. Open the power boiler, the boiler normal firing condition monitoring, checking and flame status of each component of the operation sound. 2. boiler heating situation can not be ignored, the transformation of large and small control if normal. 4. Return water temperature recorded for each circuit, the water supply valve to adjust the return water temperature consistent. Recorded once every two hours each circuit water pressure and temperature. 5. After checking the boiler pressure, temperature display abnormal situation, should stop to check the boiler. 6. Check the gas flow and gas pressure stability is within the normal range, to determine whether there is clogging of the filter. 7. Check whether the pressure pump abnormal noise and other anomalies.

Using electric boilers should be noted that the problem first, before operating an electric boiler be sure to carefully read the product manual, in strict accordance with the instructions, so as to correctly understand and use electric boilers, will not affect the use of operational errors. Second, the need to carefully check before starting electric boiler water source, and the power supply voltage, to ensure that there is no abnormality, and then the valve is opened, the water fills the conduit, the electric boiler into operation time. Third, when the electric boiler appears when failure requires maintenance, as far as possible off the power again after the inspection, but also for added security. Fourth, keep it clean and tidy electric boiler, to do the work waterproof moisture pump motor, electric control boxes and other parts. If conditions permit, can be prepared in a small boiler room. Also to be regularly fittings and spare pipeline pumps, pipe inspection, and take all security work.

Recently, Pingliang City, issued the latest "Pingliang City to win the Battle of Blue Sky 2019 annual implementation plan," we can see, Pingliang City, determination and efforts for the improvement of the atmospheric environment. Details are as follows.

First, in an orderly clean winter heating. Seriously implement the "Pingliang City winter heating clean overall plan (2018-2021 years)," according to an alternative clean, affordable, affordable residents principle, using a combination of all types of cleaning of heating, substitution of coal for heating. Full implementation of national, provincial and clean energy heating prices on northern policy support, accelerate the clean heating work.

Second, continue to promote the comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers. On the area of ​​coal-fired boilers comprehensive investigation, according to "a furnace of a policy" requirements, to promote the comprehensive improvement of precision work. Increase efforts to eliminate small coal-fired boilers, the county level and above urban area per hour and 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers and pantry oven, stove operating, grain storage and drying equipment, coal-fired facilities out rate of 60%, principles the 35 tons of steam per hour, no new coal-fired boilers, in principle, to the rest of 10 tons of steam per hour, a new coal-fired boilers. Dispersing the concentrated coal-fired boiler heating pipe network grid should be eliminated, the coal-fired boilers and gas dispersion pipe network should be implemented under the premise of coal to gas in the implementation of the air supply and gas supply; central heating and no gas pipeline network coverage area scattered coal-fired boilers, energy saving and environmental protection in line with national requirements, compliance governance reform can be implemented smoke, does not meet the requirements, it should be replaced by electricity, alcohol-based fuels and other clean energy; industrial Park (zone) press the "one District one heat source "requirements, an orderly phase-out of demolition and decentralized heating boilers; in remote rural areas, affected by economic and other conditions can not be eliminated or temporarily restrict use clean energy alternative to coal-fired boilers can be taken to use clean coal and other ways to achieve the flue gas discharge standards.

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