Boilers For Winery

Boilers For Winery

Recently, the Government Office of Hebei Province issued the "Hebei province coal investment projects coal alternative management approach", mainly to strengthen air pollution control, the implementation of total coal consumption control target. The new "management approach" referred to new construction, renovation, expansion project of coal, coal should carry out the same amount of reduction or substitution (hereinafter referred to as a substitute for coal). Coal substitute coal should be completed before the project goes into operation.

These measures apply to administrative areas in Hebei coal for direct consumption of fixed asset investment projects. It refers to the direct consumption of coal raw coal, washed coal, other coal washing, coal slurry, coal, coal and other raw materials or fuels production and processing or combustion, its coal facilities (facilities, tools) including boilers, furnaces , gasification, blast furnace and so on.

Coal alternative pathway includes the following four aspects: the elimination of backward production capacity, excess capacity and Yajian enterprises closed down, converting reduce coal consumption; the implementation of central heating, reduce coal consumption saving technological transformation or removal of equipment out of coal-fired boilers and other equipment coal consumption; use of renewable energy, natural gas, electricity and other clean energy alternative to coal consumption; the other to meet the requirements of coal consumption reduction approach. Replacement of coal coal project supervision and management, energy conservation authorities responsible for co-ordination at all levels.

matters needing attention in selecting the Brand of Gas-fired Boiler

With the increasingly serious air pollution and the expansion of the weather and scope of haze, the state has implemented a series of measures to convert coal-fired boilers into gas-fired boilers, and gas-fired boilers have become the first choice for heating production in enterprises. Domestic market sales of gas-fired boilers are very many types of gas-fired boilers in the selection and purchase should pay attention to distinguish.

9, the fastening periodic electric heating wires on the screws and nuts on the flange.

10, electrically heated tube furnace in the vapor easy to scale. If there is no softening equipment steam boiler, electric heating is recommended once a month detached, to remove the scale. If treatment equipment should disassemble the tube was heated at six months or a descaling. Re-power heating tube should pay attention to the connection of the recovery, the screw fastening flanges good, should be symmetrical fastening screws tightened repeatedly tightened to avoid water leakage occurs.

11, when the boiler is stopped, the power should be cut off, the control box is opened, check all the electrical connections of the nut member, looseness should be tightened to prevent poor contact and electrical wires burning member.

The overall layout of the fuel steam boilers for winery fuel consumption distinguish Description: Fuel steam boiler in the boiler, I believe we are not unfamiliar, because it is one block boiler boiler products, and, with corresponding fuel hot water boiler , and they all belong to oil-fired boiler. That being the case, then the following may wish to continue to understand this kind of boiler fuel steam boiler, so, so that we have some new harvest, and thus, they are familiar with and to deepen the level of understanding on the product. 1. oil-fired boiler and steam boilers, two boilers, can be clearly differentiated? In the box boiler, the answer to this question, is not, that is, it is not possible to distinguish clearly, as is oil-fired boiler in a steam boiler and a steam boiler and can contain oil-fired boiler, so will this conclusion. And the two, the boiler is corresponding to different classification criteria, so between them, are not necessarily linked.

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