Brazil Heavy Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler

Brazil Heavy Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler

Concern three gas brazil fired hot water boiler part of the gas hot water boiler is now in the streets everywhere are commonly used appliances, was warmly praised countless families. Since the advent of the diversification of gas hot water boilers, domestic hot water use headache solved the problem came to a great extent alleviate the difficulty of water, hot water is more difficult dilemma. Gas hot water boiler and hot water is able to provide us with such caring and thoughtful mainly due to the following three components. First, the ignition system. Gas hot water boiler function in that the ignition system ignites a mixture of air and fuel, its main components are: the ignition transformer, the ignition electrode, a high voltage electrical cable fire. A more secure electronic ignition system called ignition pulse, is widely used in many energy-saving gas boiler manufacturers. Because the time-saving convenience, simply by pressing a finger on it, and is safe, accidents do not occur by accident flameout occurs, once the stall condition occurs, the control system can close the solenoid valve, turn off the gas path. Second, the fuel system. Function boiler fuel gas water system is required to ensure that the fuel burner. The fuel oil burner system are: tubing and fittings, pumps, solenoid valves, nozzles, heavy oil preheater. The main burner gas hot water boiler with a filter, pressure regulator, a solenoid valve, and then firing solenoid valve, the fuel valve. Third, the electronic control system. Gas hot water boiler is the electronic control system command center and contact center system of the above, the main control element is a control box, for different burner with a different programmer, the programmer has common: LFL series, LAL series, LOA series, LGB series, the main difference is the time of each different program steps. The above is an important part of three gas hot water boiler. Gas hot water boiler manufacturer which is good when the next issue each family at the time of purchase will encounter, in fact, for this issue after reading this article may be an integral part of consumers based on the above three gas hot water boiler quality of the merits to determine whether it qualified as a selection criteria.

With this knowledge points, easily handle common fault boiler pump gas boiler pump is an important equipment, mainly for replenishment aspects boiler. Once the water pump fails, will first trigger replenishment system abnormalities, then water level gauge, pressure gauge, valve instrument will throughout the spate of error, and thus lead to serious boiler accidents. We have compiled the boiler pump five common faults; mastered them, to help you easily cope with pump failure. A lack of flow causes: Effect of multiple pump flow is insufficient suction pipe leakage, valve leakage bottom; inlet plug; insufficient depth of the bottom valve into the water; the water pump speed is too low; sealing ring or excessive wear of the impeller; and other highly absorbent excessive . Solution: Check the suction pipe with the bottom valve, blocking the leakage source; clean mud inlet at the outlet or plug; end of the valve must be greater than the depth of the water inlet pipe 1.5 times the diameter, to increase the depth of the bottom valve into water; check the power supply voltage, increase pump speed, replace the seal ring or impeller; reduce the installation position of the pump, or the replacement of the high lift pump. Second, causes excessive power consumption: pump speed is too high; the pump shaft bending or misalignment of the spindle motor or pump shaft and not parallel; inappropriate selection of the pump head; pump suction sediment or obstructions; motor ball bearing damage. Processing Method: check circuit voltage, reducing the pump speed; correct or adjust the relative position of the pump shaft and the pump motor; with a suitable pump head; or clean sediment blockage; three ball bearings replace the motor, pump noise or rattling Cause: pump installation is not strong or high pump installation; motor ball bearing damage; pump shaft and the motor shaft bending or misalignment, and the like are not parallel. Approach: install stable pumps or pump with reduced height; replace motor ball; correction bent pump shaft or adjust the relative position of the pump and motor. Fourth, the motor shaft, or bearing overheating causes: lack of lubrication or bearing rupture. Approach: filling oil or replacement. V. No water causes: pump and suction tube not filled with water; level below the pump filter tube; suction tube rupture. Processing Method: negative end of valve failure, filled with water; reduce the installation position of the pump, so that water drainage pipe under the action, or the like movable liter water filter and then pumping water; the suction pipe repair or replacement

China Dunhuang International Hotel relevant responsible person said, party fast or aftermarket both in pre-sales, remained consistent patient service, we have solved many difficult problems, with fast boiler, we are assured. --customer feedback

Boiler plant in Henan What are the advantages of industrial boiler manufacturing industry in the middle of our country is a very wide range of common industrial equipment. The main boiler is a thermal energy supply device consists of two main parts consisting of pots and oven, and is widely used in many areas of residential heating and chemical. Market now above the boilers are more buyers prefer purchasing goods and services in the middle of a good boiler plant in Henan Province, the Henan Boiler Plant these particular what are the advantages? First, with advanced production equipment and complete production equipment, excellent evaluation test or not is a manufacturer of industrial importance. Henan boiler plant with more advanced production equipment to ensure that the products produced have relatively high quality. It also has a high level of operating welding equipment and advanced computer-aided design and a series of related equipment. Second, have a varied product has a very long history of manufacturing the type of boiler boiler plant in Henan, Shandong gas boiler is very comprehensive. Henan Boiler Plant is capable of producing good quality brazil fired hot water boilers and various gas boiler in line with national environmental standards. Also different types of steam boilers, oil-fired boiler and boiler oil boiler and many other products are also included. Third, the product has a unique feature of good service Shandong gas boiler has determined the need for customers to buy after a series of work before they can be put into use after including the safe transportation of goods and the correct installation and commissioning, and many other work. And a very good market reputation boiler plant in Henan Province has a very good quality and after-sales service attitude. Overall boiler plant in Henan Province has been able to win the widely popular among consumers in the market, depending on the characteristics of the advantages detailed above in Henan Boiler Plant owned by these three aspects. That is, complete with advanced production equipment, we can produce various kinds of products as well as different types of boiler can provide good after-sales service.

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