Capacity Of Hot Water Boilers

Capacity Of Hot Water Boilers

The reason the gas boiler market-proven in the market, what with increasingly higher energy demand, there have been a number of gas-fired boiler on the market. With technology constantly self-renewing and flexible enough maneuverability, gas boiler gradually become recognized and favored by the public, buyers and sellers work together to contribute to a virtuous cycle of market. This article will give you in-depth interpretation, gas-fired boilers to gain market recognition of what reasons. A burning clean in an era of environmental protection is rooted in the concept of the public, relating to clean energy every consumer choice of products, a strong awareness of environmental protection for enterprises, choose a small impact on the environment equivalent to the environmental gas boiler He contributed their own strength, so do clean sound during combustion is the dominant factor in gas boiler gain market reputation. Second, the acclaimed compact gas boiler has a very compact structure and reasonable inner fabric design, structure and look at each part twisted design, there is no place where a non-functioning, which makes every detail is full of functionality and availability, this advantage is that you can save large tracts of space, and avoid unnecessary interference with other functional areas in the part of the operation. Third, easy to move due to changes in the production environment and changes in customer demand, the gas boiler may be moved with the case, it is possible to obtain a large number of gas-fired boiler reputation of another reason is that a good reputation, excellent service gas boiler can be mobile and flexible, as long as moving people master the law, the boiler can be very smoothly move to the next place. For gas boilers reason why recognized by the market, we set out from three aspects, carried out some analysis, the reason the majority of users are highly regarded, primarily because of its cleanliness and friendliness to the environment in the combustion process, In addition, gas boiler as well as a compact, not a waste of space, easy to move and so on excellent quality.

With the operation of the water temperature and fill water into the capacity of hot water boilers, gas will continue to have precipitated workers liquor workshops furnace burden held the position of business people often turn to the purge valve exhaust. Otherwise it would accumulate inside the air duct, the air plug formed even affect the normal cycle and the water heating effect.

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Test solutions: The system of the two conditions were tested, condition 1 is not turned on flue gas heat recovery system 2 is on condition flue gas heat recovery systems. Analysis of the effect of heat recovery based on two sets of test quantitative results. Provided in the flue gas waste heat recovery system sampling aperture, the effective sampling aperture inner diameter of 100mm, an opening position in FIG 1 A, B, as shown, A point C is located in the exhaust port of the three boilers, B point is absorption heat pump at the exhaust port, C total point is located at the outlet of the chimney. A, B data points and checking for routine analysis, the main data point for C 4.2 test data analysis system herein Condition 1: waste heat recovery system is shut down, only the operation of the gas boiler. The operating conditions, the fuel consumption of 1572m3 / h, for a total heat of 14.0MW. 2 system conditions: heat recovery system is turned on, the gas absorption heat pump and boiler operating simultaneously. The conditions, gas boiler fuel consumption of 1572m3 / h, the fuel consumption of the absorption heat pump 358.5m3 / h, for a total system heat of 19.01MW, wherein heat for boiler feed 14MW, waste heat recovery system for heat is 01MW (where the flue gas-containing waste heat 1.9MW). Condition 2 Condition 1 as compared with the system for the fuel consumption per unit of heat (1MW · h) reduced by the gas 112.3m3 to 101.6m3, energy-saving heating rate, 9.5%. Energy-saving heating rate is equal to 2 gas consumption condition is worse than the condition of gas consumption and a condition of a gas consumption. Table 1, analysis conditions of the two gas sampling data is a total chimney outlet (C point) were compared. Table 1 is a conversion value *, is the conversion rate of NOx emission conditions to the NOx emission rate of 1 and 2 under the same conditions for the supply of heat conditions. Table 1 NOx emission factor is defined as the mass per 1m3 gas after combustion emissions. As can be seen, the same gas consumption 1m3, condition 2 73% reduction in emission factor than the case 1.

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