Chloride In Steam Boiler Water

Chloride In Steam Boiler Water

Equipment components Gas chloride in steam boiler water which devices are composed of gas steam boilers What! Gas steam boiler pressure vessel belongs, for a variety of industrial service, not only have to run the boiler boiler host, also need to equip them with auxiliary equipment. Therefore, a complete set of industrial gas boilers, auxiliary equipment is inseparable from the auxiliary. Auxiliary equipment consisting mainly comprises a boiler control system, combustion equipment, energy saving equipment. Detailed below: 1. Control System: The control system mainly refers to the boiler control cabinet, primarily to identify the various signals, transfer and analysis, and the analysis results are processed and adjusted to achieve the pressure in the boiler, the water level and temperature control signal; 2, combustion equipment: mainly includes burners and corrugated furnace, burner configuration of our company are well-known brand manufacturers, also contribute to the burner boiler output is greater than the need, in the form of a large horse-drawn cart, ensure the boiler output; 3, energy-saving equipment: saving device for a gas boiler comprising a primary economizer and a condenser, energy saving device is the last link in the flue gas loop, flue gas entering the chimney is processed directly into the atmosphere. Very obvious effect of the economizer, the temperature of the flue gas can be reduced to six seventy degrees, so as to improve the utilization of the flue gas, strengthen the energy saving effect of the boiler. In addition, the auxiliary equipment as well as water supply pump boiler, sub-cylinder, water treatment equipment, pumps and other circulation. Sheung supply pump is mainly used for boilers, water; for diverting the sub-cylinder steam for different production processes and production processes; softening boiler water treatment equipment is water, reduce the hardness cations in the boiler, the boiler to avoid fouling, extend the life of the boiler. Driven circulating pump is mainly used for softening water circulation between the pool and the economizer, the boiler water temperature to enhance and strengthen the amount of boiler energy savings.

Recently, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province to fully implement the national environmental protection work conference and the province's environmental protection work conference, combined with the actual situation of the city, issued a "blue sky Nanchang win the Battle of three-year action plan (2018-2020 years)" (referred to as " plan"). "Plan" put forward a management plan for major air pollution problems.

As the relevant departments to actively promote the utilization of clean energy. The city gradually reduce the proportion of coal consumption, by 2020, coal accounted for the proportion of energy consumption dropped to below 65%; principles and has gradually increased the proportion of natural gas energy consumption, adhere to "the electric power should", "should air the gas" to promote natural gas work to build the pipeline, steadily "coal to gas" project.

2018, the main city of Nanchang to the new area, the main city area and open small blue through the open area to expand the range of city ban on burning areas. By the end of 2020, Nanchang County, Jinxian, Anyi required scoping combustion zone ban within the jurisdiction of, and informed consent of the uniform implementation of the municipal government.

"Plan" put forward in 2018, the main city of the new areas into the combustion zone ban, the main city through the open area and a small blue through the open area phasing out the 10 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boilers; 35 tons of steam launch built-up area / out of hours and coal-fired boilers. As of 2020, the city built basically out of the region 10 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boilers, coal-fired boilers within 10-35 tons of steam / hour range is substantially complete alternative clean energy sources, and no longer approve new 10-35 steam tons / hour of coal-fired boilers.

An adult bathing water per hour in about 0.2 to 0.3 tons, is between 20-30 tons of 100 heads of water per hour. Therefore, only an hour to meet the boiler to provide hot water between 20-30 tons. Taking into account various factors such as bathing water temperature difference is small, we estimate that 100 bath with a shower head needs about 2 tons bath boiler. If you also need a bath dual-use heating, it is necessary to calculate the actual heating area. You can set your heating and bathing area nozzle inform our online customer service, later, the technician will make a detailed analysis of introduction.

How to achieve energy-saving chloride in steam boiler water in the boiler room operation power equipment mainly refers to the steam boiler feed pumps, hot water boiler circulating pump, fill water pumps, blowers, water pumps make life on Cleaner coal equipment. Electricity ranks second in heating costs fee. How to achieve energy-saving boiler to run it? Measures to reduce the power consumption of the boiler apparatus as follows: 1, the steam boiler feed pump, circulation pump hot water boilers, boiler drum by a fan apparatus main power frequency to frequency modulation, frequency conversion device start after stopping, of greatly reduced mechanical shock and grid current, improve equipment Kai, safety stop. After the devices using frequency conversion technology, significantly saving boiler than the frequency of 30% energy saving device. Frequency intelligent control of high precision, the water feed pump pressure error can be controlled within 0.01MPa. 2, instead of the motor drive circulation pump hot water boiler industrial steam turbine. 3, strengthen the management of electrical equipment, prohibited device "big horse car", part of the equipment can be run on intermittent intermittent operation, energy-saving equipment, elimination of large energy-consuming equipment, lighting do people go out the lamp, lamp often destroy Wait. 4, the use of scientific management, improve the heating network operation and management. The measure of the level of heating network hydraulic imbalance degree level are: water balance, disorders of 1. Is greater than or less than 1, the heating temperature is not lower energy consumption increase. There are many units employed operated flow balancing valve, the control valve is adjusted manually, preferably for energy saving effect. 5, the boiler room equipment arrangement should be reasonable, and reduce the length of the elbow channel number, smoke duct in order to reduce resistance loss.

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