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It is reported that Shandong Province to further promote the action of atmospheric pollutants governance, but also to "defend the blue sky strategy" escalating, the Shandong provincial government amended the new "Regional Air Pollutant Emission Standards" and other three local standards, as the province's mandatory local standards of environmental protection, on November 1, 2019 formally implemented.

1, to improve the standard index-related emissions, can improve the level of clean production, reduce pollutant emissions, Forced out of high-emission equipment, improve air quality. The revised standard canceled the densely populated high-polluting industries sewage privilege, the use of emissions phased strategy partition; divides a region of Shandong Province as the core focus, and general control zone, different regions perform different emission limits, based on the location of the enterprise partitioning control requirements.

2, a new round of defense blue sky "Strategy" will be ultra-low emissions standards covering all coal-fired boilers in Shandong Province, and will gradually promote the non-coal industry, requires iron and steel, coking industry emissions to meet ultra-low emission standards. Key building materials industry emissions control area cement, ceramics, lime, glass, etc. are also required to achieve ultra-low emission standards, the general control zone cement, ceramics, glass and other building materials industry emission requirements more stringent than the national standards.

3, changes in air pollutant emission standards in the current round of revisions is the biggest "air pollutant emission standards iron and steel industry." The new revised standard will help eliminate a number of small-scale, backward technology, compliance governance hopeless small-scale iron and steel enterprises, and guide the existing steel enterprises discharge standards by clean energy alternatives, etc., so as to promote Shandong Province, energy, industrial restructuring, improve the quality of atmospheric environment.

4, according to monitoring data, 2018, Shandong fine particulate matter (of PM2.5), particulate matter (of PM10), sulfur dioxide (SO2), (NO2) average concentration of nitrogen dioxide fell 14.0%, 8.5%, 33.3 %, 2.7%; the number of days of heavy pollution fell for 5 days. Wherein the fine particulate matter (of PM2.5) than the average concentration of 2013, 2015 decreased 50.0%, 35.5%.

According to the "2013 Shandong Province - 2020 air pollution control plan" in 2020, the province's basic ambient air quality standards, compared with 2010 improved by 50%. Since 2013, Shandong "broken wrist" environmental pollution, has released various standard 102.

Coal-fired boilers into gas-fired boilers, there is no obvious advantage: the use of coal energy is larger proportion of the amount of primary energy, but with the continuous strengthening of energy saving policies, many of them need to be high-quality boiler transformation process, alternative out pollution is serious and complex operation of coal-fired boilers to meet environmental requirements. In situations of strong proponent of environmentally friendly low-carbon, high-efficiency low-pollution coal-fired boilers into energy-saving and low pollution emissions from gas-fired boilers, will be the inevitable trend of social development, then, after coal-fired boilers into gas, which obviously advantage? 1, first of all, the transformation of coal-fired boilers to gas boilers, can significantly reduce pollutant emissions, cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Coal itself there is a great stain resistance, coupled with the combustion process will produce a lot of smoke, but also with environmental contrary; after boiler, natural gas, ash and sulfur content is very low, smoke and dust generated by the amount little to almost nothing better achieve the environmental standards of boiler equipment. 2, secondly, after the successful transformation of the unique boiler can reduce the investment cost of more boilers, because gas-fired boiler is no need to configure a variety of desired soot blower and dust, coal boiler slag equipment, and boiler into gas after the furnace does not require much space for space-saving stacking coal space, but also saves additional auxiliary gas boiler water for dust coal boiler slag and other dust. 3, again, easier to operate gas-fired boiler, gas is transported by pipeline without having to use storage devices can be used directly in the fuel prior to combustion without the need for professional re-processing, coal boilers requires not only professional conveyor track also requires a lot of storage sites and carried out by the need to make better use of coal pre-combustion process can be. 4, after the transformation of the important benefits that reduce the labor intensity. After transformation through boiler can reduce the staff, not the entire gas boiler coal-fired boiler various auxiliary equipment, thereby reducing operator can also save the company costs more, the whole process is not simple physical strength pay.

Exhaust gas temperature factors affect the efficiency of the boiler 1. High boilers (1) ring-shaped heating surface. A protective pot operation due to the heated area ash causing poor heat transfer. Secondly heating surface by erosion wear of the high temperature flue gas, resulting in good convection bank vent for taking soil pipe powder blocking manner with less number F, powder powder increases the number of block f will inevitably result in decreased heat transfer effect of the heating surface, the deterioration of the operating parameters. such that the exhaust gas temperature medium (2) bits leakage furnace, the burner burning roll. Wind refuse mud furnace, burner combustion burning material will travel in incomplete protection technology, resulting in frameshift flame, which led to the degree of BU smoke Mi (3) poor operating conditions. A secondary air must have appropriate warehouse Shan ratio during burning. Secondary air Diao large ring-shaped hold burning effect, will affect the wind. Powder mix. 2. boiler water quality factors is an important indicator of pot care, but also a very appropriate to link, the water quality directly affects the safe and economical operation of boiler protection, internal cleaning of the heating surface of each pier can add endothermic t, It will increase the efficiency of the care of the pot. Shanghai each newly installed boiler heating surfaces are clean, the indicators are good, heat transfer efficiency is higher. But with longer run time, the inside of the tube or bi or furring rights corrosion, resulting in decreased heat transfer efficiency, pot nursing efficiency drops, after scaling or corrosion deterioration. Pot can also cause over-temperature protection wall even Los iron . 3. mechanical incomplete Tanzania Heat loss if the twist burner for burning Yan basin, coal dust mixed into the retaining find not carried out, resulting in insufficient fuel you burn. Shan increase mechanical incomplete burning loss. On the other hand due to air leakage protection Mu. Mi will lead to reduced care. Shan burn rate of decline. Powder fire longer, is not conducive to coal combustion rate, resulting in an incomplete tender burn solid increase in losses. Division personnel to operate the operation level of the level 4. 0 operator is not high, not be reasonably performed with the wind, the rotation speed control discharge protection, timely cleaning, descaling, resulting worthy material is not completely burned proud. Long low thermal efficiency in the actual operation, often occurs due to the experience of the operating personnel, resulting in decreased operating efficiency of the unit, adjust the low level of security decline. 'On the other hand, there is a difference operator P forced cultural quality and the level of practical skills.

Strengthen the daily management and maintenance of boiler equipment during coal fired hot water boiler factory operation, the operator must follow the norms and requirements of the hot water boiler equipment, and regularly pan) furnace equipment inspection and maintenance, identify problems in time, mainly on the following aspects of inspection and maintenance: the construction of combustion equipment, if the middle grate to check for breaks, is off the grate, blowing the door to work, regular cleaning of existing combustion equipment coal ash and coal leakage, so as not to be grate jacking or blockage; check the furnace, flue ash doors, fire tube end hole, whether there is economizer leakage phenomenon, if the air leakage phenomenon, immediate repair; check valve, the pump, the valve stem is loose; squeeze water pressure gauge, safety valve if there is corrosion phenomena if repair or replaced immediately rust; regular inspection blower, fan and rotating equipment, to ensure clean these devices, during operation of the device bearing temperature should not exceed 40 ℃, the oil level in the bearing housing in two-thirds of the height of the bearing shell, if less than this height, it needs time to add Net qualified new oil; water treatment equipment regularly checked to see whether the boiler water boiler water quality standards and requirements for equipment operation, if it does not want to analyze the causes of excessive water.

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