Diesel Boiler 1800Kg Hour For Sale

Diesel Boiler 1800Kg Hour For Sale

Price level 8 tons of gas diesel boiler 1800kg hour for sale price gas boiler, to determine the level of a gas boiler according to the combination price tonnage, the burner, the auxiliary equipment, and other related parts. Of course, with the production of gas boiler manufacturers also have a great relationship. An eight-ton boiler burner plus the price of the million or so, for such a relatively large-scale equipment, usually shop around before making a final decision. Henan party shares fast production of gas boiler may need to choose a burner according to the customer can use domestic burners can also be a foreign burner. Select the burner will there is a certain price difference, foreign burner burner expensive than domestic, so the manufacturer from a cost point of view can be selected domestic burners.

To get gas diesel boiler 1800kg hour for sale energy-saving operation, the measures to be taken in recent years, the national ambient air quality for more stringent supervision, the country more regions have entered an important period of development of environmental governance. Boiler to provide energy as the main force, the regulatory environment is the main object of regulation. With clean gas boiler, environmental performance advantages, widely used in all walks of life. This paper made a brief discussion on the gas boiler in the operation of existing problems, as well as the experience of the energy-saving operation. A gas present in the energy-saving operation of the boiler main contradiction required for combustion, in addition to combustible material gas, together with sufficient oxygen, oxygen is mainly from the air. In addition, a sufficiently high temperature is essential. In general, the combustion conditions comprises: a proportion of combustible material, oxygen molecules and a certain temperature. The energy conservation law, the release of gas entering the boiler system total energy q, should be equal to the total energy flowing from the boiler system comprising a furnace heat absorption water q1, bad water absorption cycle heat q2, loss of incomplete combustion Q3, Q4 heat, smoke q5. That is: q = q1 + q2 + q3 + q4 + q5. We can see from the above equation, it must be reduced in order to achieve fuel savings Q3 loss of incomplete combustion, and heat loss due to heat q4 q5. Among them, heat losses q5 that is where the greatest energy loss, and most have a recycling value. To make full use of the energy produced by combustion of the fuel, it is necessary to minimize the exhaust gas temperature. However, reducing the exhaust gas temperature in the actual operation of the boiler will produce such a large amount of condensed water, causing corrosion to the boiler thereby shortening the life of the boiler. Boiler flue gas temperature is lower condensed water is greater, the greater the harm caused by the boiler. That is the lower the boiler flue gas temperature, lower operating costs, greater harm to the boiler, the higher the cost; the higher the boiler flue gas temperature, higher operating costs, but less harmful to the boiler, using the lower the cost. This contradiction is the main problem, GAS boiler operation impact. Second, the method of reducing the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler route 1 increased tail heating surface, i.e. the installation of the boiler economizer (or condenser) to reduce exhaust gas temperature. After entering the boiler economizer outlet flue gas from the rear of the boiler, the flue gas absorption part of the heat, out of the low-temperature economizer flue stack emissions reentry heat boiler economizer heating boiler return absorbed, thereby improving the return water temperature, while reducing the exhaust gas temperature and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Boiler economizer arrangement there is a significant advantage to improve the economizer return temperature of the boiler, can significantly reduce the generation of condensed water boiler, a boiler body for protection, but the condensed water economizer itself is very large , so the corrosion generated is very large, but with the energy-saving boiler is arranged separately, leakage and other conditions of corrosion maintenance costs to replace the energy-saving device is far below the cost of running the boiler. 2, the exhaust arrangement (flue gas) heat recovery. Exhaust heat recovery from the flue gas passage to increase spray tower, heat exchange by spraying water mixed with the flue gas, a large amount of heat carried away by the fumes spray water, reduced exhaust gas temperature, high temperature spray water is pressurized by the circulating pump through a heat exchanger or other heating boiler return mechanisms, in order to achieve recycling of flue gas waste heat of exhaust gas temperature is reduced, saving energy and reducing the running cost and the fuel. Than the exhaust heat recovery economizer much better energy-saving effect, even some devices may be the flue gas water vapor latent heat recovery. But the exhaust heat recovery unit investment, more equipment, additional operating costs also, the failure rate is high. The economizer is simple and reliable, no mechanical component failure rate, operating costs are zero. Which method is more suitable for specific use, but also to all of you to choose according to their own characteristics situation. Third, reduce condensation water boiler operation measures by increasing heating surface or rear of the boiler flue gas heat recovery unit, may be fully recovered heat loss boiler. Improve when the boiler boiler load, reducing the number of operating units to minimize the situation of low load boiler running multiple online. Boiler flue gas temperature as high as possible, as much as possible to avoid the situation boiler produces condensation water appears to reduce the corrosion of boiler condensate, to extend the life of the boiler. Carried in the flue gas, the unused energy to the heating surface of the tail to be recycled, which saves the cost of using the boiler, but also save operating costs of gas consumption, thereby achieving energy saving purposes, increasing the economic efficiency of enterprises . With the continuous improvement and the rapid development of industrial level of our national economy, gas boiler applications more widely. Especially in recent years, air quality has become a major environmental problem the government is particularly concerned, in the promotion, use and development of a gas boiler future period will enter a new phase. Study and solve the issues affecting energy-saving operation of a gas boiler, and constantly improve the operating efficiency of the gas boiler, saving energy, reducing emissions, businesses and society as a whole will bring enormous economic and social benefits.

Due to the special nature of the industrial park location, we are more to consider whether the diesel boiler 1800kg hour for sale with green features in the choice of boiler equipment. According to our survey of the entire boiler industry, quick side has considerable experience in research and development in the field of environmental cleaning boilers, boiler equipment while also providing low pollutant emissions for Beijing more enterprises and institutions, we are fully confident that the fast boiler ability. --customer feedback

Boiler commissioning sequence deviations four is what means: For diesel boiler 1800kg hour for sales, in addition to those related to the previous knowledge of the contents, do I need to continue to learn to go? The problem, from the degree of learning has now reached a point of view, the answer is yes. So, then, without further ado, to proceed immediately to continue to study and work on the boiler, so we can learn a new harvest, and to make their own progress. 1. Cold and hot commissioning of the boiler, which is generally carried out first? On the boiler, cold and hot commissioning it, is necessary to carry out the work. For cold commissioning thereof, in general, under the boiler without heating, its debugging. And at the same time, see line valve leaks, electrical controls and the like are normal. And hot commissioning, debug is running the boiler at the time of heating, mainly for practical observation debugging parameters. Thus, to sum up, in the boiler, a first cold state debugger, and then the hot commissioning. If, cold debugging a problem, then that can not be hot commissioning, the problem must first be solved.

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