Diesel Consumption To Run 500 Kg Boiler

Diesel Consumption To Run 500 Kg Boiler

How to use diesel steam diesel consumption to run 500 kg boiler can reduce the operating costs of diesel fuel consumption steam boiler is one of the issues currently a lot of oil-fired boiler customers attention, because as a clean energy boiler, light diesel fuel type steam boiler is the most widely used oil fuel. Although the new methanol fuel is also very environmentally friendly, but more applications based on the accumulation of diesel fuel, so more optimistic about diesel customers, in addition, the price of light diesel oil is indeed cheaper than some of the methanol fuel, will eventually reduce the operating costs of the oil-fired boiler . So a diesel steam boiler steam per tonne of how much diesel needs to consume it? Fuel consumption per hour of fuel steam boiler heating power = 3600 * / diesel calorific value / boiler efficiency. If it is, then burn diesel fuel consumption per hour was approximately 132kg. Can tell you is that one ton of diesel steam boiler produces steam tons per hour of steam 1, then 1 ton of diesel fuel boilers in about 70 liters. However, how much the results of the fuel consumption of two tons per hour of steam boilers and diesel not simply come 140 l, but is to be determined according to the specific application and design of the boiler thermal efficiency. In general, the higher the thermal efficiency of the design, the smaller boiler fuel consumption. Furnace inspection to ensure the long-term normal operation of the boiler.

"Fast diesel consumption to run 500 kg boiler furnace designed larger, flue gas recirculation provides a reliable guarantee of space. In the burner head design of the special role of combustion, high temperature flame at the outlet of the flue gas interference, be it in the furnace again achieve full combustion cycle (inner loop). this design helps fast boiler leading domestic level in boiler technology, ultra-low nitrogen oxide, the recent large-tonnage party fast brand integrated condensing boiler successful signing in Beijing, and successfully help China build the APEC summit venue. "Fang boiler fast technical director, said.

The advantage of using complete condensation of the gas low nitrogen diesel consumption to run 500 kg boiler: condensing boiler refers to the latent heat part sensible heat and condensation of water vapor released by the high temperature flue gas to absorb discharged boiler by using an efficient condensing heat recovery device, so as to improve the thermal efficiency boiler, reducing Objective of the exhaust gas temperature.

l, before installation of the pipe rigorous re-examination, have a welding process of welding instructions, welding quality to meet the design requirements. Pipeline after the installation of the pipeline to pass the ball test to ensure that qualified rate of 100%. 2, strengthen water quality management, water softening class laboratory once and meet water quality standards, regularly check the content of scale and elimination of sewage on a regular basis. 3, water wall tubes and pipes to regularly check the exhaust convection, found deformed or thinned tube to be replaced, keeping in mind that the quality of maintenance, must comply with regulatory requirements. 4, control the diesel consumption to run 500 kg boiler may not work overload (specified limit), pay attention to the furnace combustion process, to ensure uniform and stable combustion.

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