Diesel Fired Boiler Company In Nicaragua

Diesel Fired Boiler Company In Nicaragua

Boiler operation common accident which 1) diesel fired boiler company in nicaragua water boiler severe water shortages will cause pressure components deformation and damage, explosion or even furnace tube, if not handled properly boiler explosion may occur when the boiler water found water should be prohibited, and to take urgent measures to shutdown. most causes of the accident with water boiler operators and misuse related to lax paralysis, or the water table due to the non-clogging rinse measures related failures. (2) Priming Teng priming features are: water table level volatility, boiler water foaming, with a large amount of water steam, the steam temperature is lowered, a serious impact occurs in the water conduit is the main reason for this situation: poor water quality, salt is too high or too fast increasing boiler load and the like. priming found necessary to strengthen and increase the continuous sewage water treatment. (3) boiler overpressure. overpressure boiler operation, ranging element is deformed, damaged at side continued ; severe cases can cause an explosion accident occurred mainly due to boiler overpressure is: fireman who blindly increase the working pressure or trespassing caused from work sometimes, due to the pressure gauge and relief valve malfunction at the same time also. Boiler overpressure caused. Therefore, we must strengthen fireman personal responsibility and safety inspections of the attachments. (4) blast furnace tube when the tube blast furnace, a significant explosions, the sound of jet steam, while the water level and steam pressure was significantly the decline where they are found, action must be taken to an emergency shutdown general reason for this situation is: poor water quality caused by the furnace tube fouling or corrosion; water and burst pipes may also reinforce each other; in addition, because of the design defects, lack of material strength and poor weld quality, are likely to cause tube rupture.

Seven, diesel fired boiler company in nicaragua size Weight

In the construction of the boiler room, according to the weight and size of the design of electric steam boilers, you must allow sufficient space for boiler use.

We can think of, to a few decades, the party will soon be implemented in the next few years: the digital workshop, open-plan offices, model worker Innovation Studio, garden chemical industry park, the hotel of the staff quarters, a model customer panorama diesel fired boiler company in nicaragua room , honor VR, VR ...... these artisans will be demonstrated by the fast square panoramic VR atlas, people will be able to feel the mobile phone side, the gas field fast boiler open mind and strength! 20 years of precipitation technology, more than 100 national patents, more than ten national honor certificate, the State Ministry of energy saving recommended products, domestic boiler industry being the only nationally recognized "academician workstation", under the aura, is the party who constantly fast pursuit and creation. Fast boiler, condensing gas boiler leader!

1. The type of diesel fired boiler company in nicaragua scale type of boiler scale (1) an alkaline earth metal scale: comprising calcium as a main component of scale, scale such as calcium sulfate, calcium silicate scale, calcium carbonate scale and the like, magnesium as a main component, such as hydrogen hydroxide scale, dirt and other magnesium phosphate. (2) the dissolved iron: comprising iron as a main component of scale, dirt iron oxide, iron silicate and a dissolved iron phosphate scale. (3) Aluminum scale: aluminum as the main component is a scale, such as aluminum silicate scale. (4) Copper scale: copper as a main component is a metal of scale. Calcium sulfate scale hard and dense, low pressure in the boiler arrangement, mainly in the form of gypsum or hemihydrate precipitate is attached; in the boiler body, in the form of an anhydrous compound precipitated attachment. Calcium silicate scale mainly in the larger heat load boiler heating surface is formed, which precipitate as wollastonite, large scale hardness, poor thermal conductivity, can be firmly adhered to the heating surface. Carbonate scale have different characteristics, it may be both hard scale, and may be soft water residue. When the boiler water evaporated weak, often carbonate crystals precipitated into a hard scale. When the furnace violent boiling water, carbonates and often precipitate water residue. Magnesium hydroxide and magnesium phosphate easily adhere to the wall of the boiler, the formation of secondary scale. Most scale component is an alkaline earth metal scale (90%), as well as iron scale, scale aluminum, copper, dirt and other organic and metallic corrosion products and the like. By scale formation procedure can be divided into two types: one is a scale salt impurities formed by direct crystallization of the heating surface; one easily adhered slag heating surface, secondary scale again. Slag is divided into two, in addition to a water-slag easily adhere to the heating surface, the formation of secondary scale is difficult to remove by mechanical means, but there is a slag flow state was difficult to adhere to the heating surface in execution a method in accordance with the sewage discharged.

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