Diesel Steam Boiler Sri Lanka

Diesel Steam Boiler Sri Lanka

To build greener homes, recently, the ecological environment of the Office of Hebei Province issued "on improving air quality guidance on the implementation of regional differentiation of access environment." "Opinions" clearly states: Shijiazhuang, Baoding and other eight cities as a red zone atmospheric transmission channel, a ban on new industrial projects and expansion of 10 large iron and steel, thermal power, cement and so on.

"Opinions" also pointed out that the province's administrative regions and the municipalities and districts male An District, Dingzhou City, Xinji City administrative area, is strictly prohibited new construction, expansion (except for cogeneration and the same amount of alternative projects) coal; a ban on new , expansion of production capacity of iron and steel, cement, plate glass, petrochemicals project (excluding off-site relocation of upgrading) and 35 tons of steam coal-fired boilers; prohibit new emissions intensity below the access conditions of other industrial projects.

Handan, Xingtai, Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Langfang, Tangshan, Dingzhou, classified as a red zone xinji atmospheric transmission channel. Within this administrative area (except city back removal capacity), to prohibit new and expanded (except equivalent replacement) steel, thermal power (except CHP), coke, cement, lime, gypsum, fertilizer, general casting of ferrous alloys, iron alloys smelting, carbon, other industrial projects using coal as a fuel; Jing Kun high-speed east, north wing black high speed, and Langfang, Baoding and Beijing bordering county area designated as coal ban areas, not in addition to the approval of central heating coal-fired project.

Future, Hebei Province, will strengthen self-examination, government oversight and something in the ex post regulation, the implementation of various construction projects of environmental protection requirements as well as changes in environmental quality, pollutant emissions such as the implementation of dynamic monitoring of the implementation of environmental access requirements for non-construction strictly punished according to the law project, supervise the rectification of the problem is serious, shut down or banned. Meanwhile, according to relevant laws and regulations, environmental protection requirements and regional environmental quality changes and other regional differentiation environmental access requirements will be adjusted in due course.

Gas hot water boiler say do what works to find a good brand, there are of course looking for both professional and powerful enterprises, but also a considerable wealth of experience working with clients, so as to ensure the quality of the project.

Now what the boiler installation process using the latest

Each boiler unit has a different personal situation, may choose to electricity, natural gas, solar energy and other types of boiler equipment, but the boiler installation process is much the same. Well, now popular on the market boiler, how to install it?

Sewage and sewage boiler shutdown 1 "diligence row, row of small, uniform discharge" principle, each class at least once sewage. 2, the sewage should be conducted under low load, high water level, or shutdown, in which case a slow flow of boiler water, slag tends to accumulate dirt, good discharge effect. 3, intermittent discharge operation should be short, every time the sewage water level drop in the furnace preferably 20 ~ 40mm. Each group has a series outfall way valve, a drain valve. The drain valve is fully opened when the first operation, and then the gate valve slightly open, sewage is completed, the gate valve to close slowly, and then close the drain valve, blowdown if there is an impact sound will immediately shut valve small, impact sound disappear until the sewage pipes, to open big. Sewage should not be too long, so as not to affect the water cycle. (G) 1 shutdown, shutdown temporary failure: after shutdown, to conduct inspection in ensuring the safety of the situation. 2, temporarily shutdown: the case of a planned shutdown in case of holidays and so on, should pay attention to the maintenance of the boiler. 3, complete shutdown: There is a plan for a regular inspection and maintenance of the boiler shutdown. 4, emergency shutdown: 1) boiler water level below the minimum level table visible edges. 2) increasing water supply and other measures, but the water level continues to drop. 3) boiler water level exceeds the highest visible level (full of water), turn on the water can not be seen by the water level. 4) to pump water system failure or malfunction, not water to the boiler. 5) water gauge or safety valve all the failures. 6) Set all the failures in gauge steam space. 7) boiler component damage and endangering the safety of operating personnel. 8) combustion equipment damage, he or furnace wall to be red-hot boiler structure such as a serious threat to the safe operation of the boiler. 9) other unusual circumstances endanger the safe operation of the boiler. When the boiler pressure parts found leaks, furnace coke heavy, metal-temperature heating surface and can not return to normal as well as other major issues, should stop boiler operation.

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