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Finnish Boiler Manufacturer

Fast side gas condensing finnish boiler manufacturer which features the characteristics of a gas steam boiler 1, steam boiler burner gas supplied by well-known manufacturers in the world, according to the automatic combustion controller instructions, stop, separate control box has a number of security, safety and stable performance , low maintenance; 2, advanced automatic steam boiler controller, Chinese LCD screen, the man-machine interface, the user simply easily set, i.e., according to user requirements boiler start and stop, load adjustment, automatic water supply, such as automatic operation . Boiler fully functional, complete protection, easy to operate, safe, reliable, self-diagnostic function. Once the boiler operation automatically interrupt abnormal combustion, audible alarm occurred; 3, vertical steam boiler burner set under way, double return configuration, fuel combustion, boiler stable; inserted spoiler smoke tube, slow exhaust rate, increased heat transfer, a high thermal efficiency, and reduce cost; 4, horizontal steam boiler shell type three return all wet back downstream pyrotechnic tube structure, economy, and waveform furnace threaded pipe structure and improve the strength of heat absorption of the boiler, the heating surface needs thermal expansion; 5, strictly in accordance with the present boiler "steam boiler safety supervision", JB / T10094-2002 "industrial boilers general technical conditions", JB / T1619-2002 "boiler shell boiler manufacturing technology conditions" requirements, design, manufacture, inspection supervision, to ensure good quality of boilers, achieve low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, stable pressure, gas and quantity, the economic use; 6, furnace boiler space, the steam storing more adaptable load capacity, the rational design of steam separator apparatus built to meet the user's need to use high quality steam to the furnace body Open manhole, head holes, hand holes, to facilitate the internal furnace to clean up, make repairs, maintenance is very convenient; 7, with a multi-stage boiler safety interlock protection: protection pressure switch (pressure higher than the set alarm and automatic shutdown ), low water protection (the body of the boiler water level is below the warning level, the alarm and automatically cut off power), the protection valve (boiler pressure exceeds the working pressure, automatically deflated down), under various conditions to ensure foolproof boiler, home security ; 8, mechatronics combined organic appearance, new sophisticated, compact, less space, easy to transport and install; 9, insulation materials and the use of new high-quality white color plate package, lighter in weight, good insulation performance, aesthetics generous, not rust; 10, automatic / gas steam boiler is widely used in hospitals, schools, textile mills, garment factories, clothing stores, garment factories, dry cleaners, restaurants, hotels, bread stores, hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, food plants, beverage plants, soybean plants, meat plants, canneries, wineries, pharmaceutical, packaging factory, building materials factory, paint factory, beauty salons, Bath center, sauna, steam room, baby swimming pool and other enterprises place.

szs finnish boiler manufacturer steam drum of the boiler body structural member and a functional configuration szs boiler plant, a furnace, boiler waterwall boiler, superheater, reheater, furnace wall, frame and other accessories, and the like, water wall, superheater, reheater device, commonly referred to as boiler economizer; four. 1. The drum roller, also called a drum, is the most thick-walled cylindrical container part pressurized boiler, mainly by the cylinder head and the two parts. A drum cylinder section of a cylinder having an inner diameter and a length not only the capacity of the boiler, steam parameters and internal structure, but also to related cyclic manner. For different pressure rollers, which shapes are different. Subcritical pressure drum head is generally hemispherical, high pressure, high pressure boiler ellipsoidal head, the head pressure in the boiler as a flat ellipsoid. The main function of mixing soda receiving drum is heated evaporation surface (wall), a mixture of soda water separation, purification and the steam superheater heating continued transport, in addition to water and isolated mixed water economizer, water cooling it by heating tube wall cycle, generate steam. Mass separation drum and regulation of water or steam vessels, the feed tube is adjusted by the quality of water, steam superheater qualified separated by the steam separator, the water containing the impurities is discharged through a continuous drain, in the container . Some impurities into the downcomer, the downcomer bottom drain. 2. hearth furnace is also called the combustion chamber. Its main function is to organize the space required for the combustion of the fuel, the heat exchanger undertake tasks within the furnace, to ensure the flue gas temperature at the outlet of the boiler heating surface in the range of cooling allowed. 3. The water wall heat radiation absorbing mainly water wall furnace, heating the water pipe flow, reducing the wall temperature metal water wall, protection furnace, a heating medium evaporated into steam. It has a smooth inner wall and the membrane wall water wall, and the wall is divided into non-boiling boiling wall of the inner tube according to the flow pattern of working fluid. 4. superheater superheater disposed on the furnace roof and the horizontal shaft and a flue chimney. It can be divided into three kinds of heat transfer: radiation, conduction and convection semi radiation. The reheater boiler reheater heat transfer element, is also an important role in the reheat steam turbine high pressure working cylinder (or the cylinder) is completed to a certain degree of superheated steam, improve the thermal efficiency of the unit. 6. The furnace wall and the furnace wall is protected by the frame of the bed boiler, heat sealing functions to prevent the outer wall surface of the heating temperature is too large, the effect to reduce the life of the metal. Boiler structure is used to support and fixed parts, and maintain relative spatial position between their spatial structure. 7. Boiler accessory attachment generally comprises a boiler safety accessories (including safety valves, pressure gauges, water, etc. Thermometer, protection and supervision of the boiler components), the water level monitoring device, monitoring a combustion apparatus sootblowers. (From the heating surface cleaning, improved heat transfer of the heating surface, to improve boiler efficiency, etc.) is essential for the monitoring and regulating means boiler plant.

Should be determined how a small gas steam finnish boiler manufacturer phenomenon occurs when the minimum water level is less than the water level already defined, but still see the water level in the observed water level meter, is determined mild water; the water level when the water level is less than a meter visual when judged as a serious water shortage. The phenomenon outlined listed below: (1) drum water level is less than the normal water level defined; (2) low water alarm, automatic alarms sounded, signal light; (3) the superheated steam to increase the temperature of vapor; (4) the amount of water is not normal, below the steam flow rate value; (5) increase the temperature of vapor smoke emission.

Stanley Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production and sale of fertilizer and other agricultural technology promotion of integrated services provider, has total assets of 6.3 billion yuan, more than 8,000 employees, annual production capacity of 5.2 million tons. Earlier this year, fast Boiler stand out in many finnish boiler manufacturer brand competition, and Stanley reached a cooperation, to provide a whole 10 tons of steam condensing steam boiler (WNS10-1.25-Y.Q), provide support for the heat Stanley fertilizer plant.

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