Gas Fired Vacuum Boiler In Africa

Gas Fired Vacuum Boiler In Africa

Gas fired vacuum boiler in africa vacuum boiler describes a vacuum heat medium to rely on evaporation and condensation boiling mass transfer heat exchanger to heat the feed water heat exchange apparatus. Of water at different pressures, different boiling points. Atmospheric boiling point of water is about 100 ℃, and its boiling point at a pressure only 7mmHg 5 ℃. Vacuum boiler working pressure range of 200mmHg-500mmHg, corresponding to the water temperature was 66-90 ℃. Vacuum boiler composed of two parts evaporator heat exchanger and the condensing heat exchanger. An evaporator heat exchanger and the combustion boiler is provided with convection heating surface, fuel released by combustion heat of the heat-generating medium the corresponding saturated vapor pressure. Vapor rises to the condensation in the condenser section is condensed releasing latent heat of vaporization to transfer heat to the heat exchanger for hot water, the hot water heated to a certain temperature to the heat user, the condensed condensate returned to the evaporator transducer vaporization heat in the evaporator, this cycle continuously supplying heat to the outside world. Safe and reliable: Vacuum boiler always run under negative pressure, no danger of explosion, part of a separate heat exchanger can be pressure 1.6MPa pressure, and stable operation, a significant feature of atmospheric pressure boiler and can not be compared. Efficiency: self-developed integrated heat storage cluster rotation and multi-zone multi-chamber heat exchanger technology, a substantial increase in thermal efficiency, the left and right exhaust gas temperature 100 ℃, than similar fuel gas boiler energy saving up to 25%. Durable: indirect heating method of production of hot water, hot water and the heat medium independently, to avoid fouling the machine body (water side heat medium), the vacuum furnace body and the furnace oxygen-free environment to eliminate oxygen corrosion in vivo, combined with self-developed double buffering module flat conducting structure, thus extending the life of the boiler. Multi-purpose: to provide simultaneous multiple different temperatures of hot water, to meet the various needs of users central air-conditioning, heating, sanitary hot water, high-level swimming pool, guest houses, hotels and other hot water supply, process water is also available for all types of industrial and mining enterprises . Ultra-fast: the ignition system to work about 20 minutes. Set diverse places: the installation location choose basement, floors, intermediate floors and roof, etc., saving the land for construction. No need to qualification: the boiler is not a "boiler and pressure vessel safety regulations," the specified range, without operator qualification. Automatic Temperature Control: the hot water outlet temperature can be freely set in the range ≤90 deg.] C, the microcomputer energy can be automatically adjusted according to the heat load, the hot water temperature control in the most optimal state. System design is simple: the hot water heat exchanger by indirect heat medium heating water directly supplied to the user, the system can reduce the heat exchangers and other components, making the system simpler design. Simple operation and maintenance: vacuum hot water boiler control microcomputer Chinese man-machine dialogue, to set free the opening, off time, stepless temperature setting switch with removable water heating system configuration, while the front opening, the smoke box structure, and all of the smoke tube joints can be visible and easy inspection, maintenance. Environmental compliance: the design of the boiler using the burnout rate and the rate of heat transfer multi-zone multi-room eddy current rotary heat exchanger technology to improve fuel gas, with imports of brand-name European burners, fuel combustion more fully, low noise, NOx emissions a minimum amount in the same boiler, in full compliance with increasingly stringent environmental requirements.

Hot water fired vacuum boiler in africa furnace provisions of this kind of start and stop hot water boiler and what kind of steps required boiler blowdown, which is both a product and a website keywords website, it is necessary to be familiar with and understand, and to achieve this comprehensive degree, so as to achieve the proper use and rational use of the product, and then to have good economic benefits, at the same time, it also benefits from some of the harvest and inspiration. 1.29MW hot water boiler, which is equivalent to how many tons of hot water boiler? Hot water boiler, if it is 29MW, it indicates the rated capacity of the heating boiler, is 29 MW / hr per 1 ton 0.7Mw approximately equal to the standard in terms of words, 29MW equivalent to 40 tons, so that, 29MW hot water boiler, which is equivalent to 40 tons of hot water boiler, however, this is only a estimate. 2. The hot water boiler start-up and shutdown, and whether the provisions of the steps? Startup and shutdown of hot water boiler, which is prescribed steps. The boiler starts, first run of the circulating pump, and then ignite the burner and boiler shutdown, it is the first stop burner, circulation pump run for some time after stopping. However, the mode of operation, the traditional manual operation, as technology continues to develop and progress, been able to achieve computer-controlled operation, instead of manual operation. Furthermore, the steps may be set by the program is good, so that erroneous operation can be avoided. 3. atmospheric and vacuum and hot water boilers, which require a sewage? Hot water boiler pressure boilers and vacuum boilers, boiler during operation requires the sewage operation, for pressure hot water boiler, vacuum hot water boiler does not need to carry out this work, because: pressure hot water boiler, has a water system into the boiler, and the boiler is fired high-temperature water systems supply water softener equipment through post-processing can only remove most of the calcium and magnesium ions in water, but there will be a small amount into the boiler. So, when the calcium and magnesium ions reaches a certain concentration, the need for sewage operations, in order to avoid the presence of these ions, leading to problems with boiler operation. 4. If you know the rated working pressure hot water boilers, how to determine the safety valve set pressure range? Hot water boiler, if it knows the rated working pressure, it is possible to determine the safety valve set pressure range, the pressure on the lower limit value is 1.1 times the working pressure taken, but not less than the operating pressure plus 0.07MPa. Upper limit on the pressure, is taken 1.2 times the working pressure but not less than the operating pressure plus 0.1MPa.

Beiqi Panthers in the car to communicate with the company, expressed full confidence in our company, cooperation is very smooth. Since the fired vacuum boiler in africa departure two years, our technical staff has been concerned about the relevant boiler operation through remote monitoring system to provide strong and stable technical support services for the Beijing auto Panthers. --customer feedback

How much 700KW gas hot water fired vacuum boiler in africa a vacuum? How much 700KW gas hot water boiler of a vacuum? With the boiler market development, the application of vacuum hot water boiler is also more extensive, but many users this one is also not very in-depth understanding, the following small taping we do a simple understanding. What is vacuum gas hot water boiler? Boiler is in a state in normal operation, its interior lower than the external atmospheric pressure, and cold water is heated by way of phase change heat cold water. In general applications of vacuum gas hot water boiler, which is used in residential, hotels, hotels and some small and medium enterprises and institutions of the heating system. How much 700KW gas hot water boiler of a vacuum? Vacuum gas hot water boiler 700KW, upon conversion after synthesis about 1 ton, usually, when the internal vacuum hot water boiler industry to be divided, but also divided into ordinary, condensation, and low condensing nitrogen three kinds, because of the technology employed, and the process boilers, thermal efficiency, etc. are different, and therefore, even if the same 1 ton vacuum gas hot water boiler, its price will be different. But the three basic price of between 60,000 to 190,000, different prices, the price level of natural boiler is not the same. However, the low nitrogen vacuum condensing hot water boiler, either in a suitable thermal efficiency of the boiler in emissions of nitrogen oxide and matter are more objective, for-profit enterprise or institution concerned, in the latter part of the year can be saved operations 18-20 million for operating costs, and over time can also reach back to the results, so, Xiao Bian personally feel, if long-term interest in a comprehensive evaluation, then choose low nitrogen vacuum condensing gas hot water boiler in the long-term significance It is more cost effective.

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