Heating Natural Gas Vacuum Boiler

Heating Natural Gas Vacuum Boiler

Note the use of the vacuum heating vacuum boiler: vacuum boiler at work because their internal pressure of the furnace is always in a vacuum, so the higher heat exchange rate and utilization. At the same time due to the unique design, so if the outside when the pressure exceeds atmospheric pressure in the course of the next, then the unit will automatically cut the power, and when there is a failure of the water level will alarm, so as to improve the professional vacuum boiler safety.

1. Complete gas heating vacuum boiler heating energy efficient gas boiler heating power key to progress, energy savings should follow the completion of the following two criteria. First, advances in gas boiler power. Here said boiler power refers to the power of this season boiler boiler group or groups. Power gas-fired boiler primary season progress through two ways to complete. First, during the heating, the boiler will try to start and stop times, idle time reduction. Thus these operations will form part of a certain level of gas and heat consumption. Second, the appropriate share of the air conditioning hybrid and natural gas can be burned together with the power of progress, reducing natural gas consumption. Second, advances in power delivery network. In the pipeline transit, insulation, leak, hydraulic imbalance resulting in heat loss is the primary factor affecting the delivery of power. In the heat loss, the heating system, the vertical offset, the horizontal offset energy external network formed by the loss of most severe. Thus, to complete the power-saving, it is necessary to start from the presence of these disorders conditions.

2. The gas condensing boiler heating energy-saving skills 1. Skills condensate skills is the primary means of useful skills to complete the power-saving gas-fired boiler. Element in the presence of hydrogen rich natural gas, the natural gas during incineration may generate a lot of water vapor. In the exhaust process, the temperature rises, the water vapor is condensed can not be completed, a lot of thermal energy is wasted. Together with the high temperature flue gas discharged in the process will take many tropical significant, sensible heat and latent heat released into the atmosphere, present in the flue gas nitrogen oxide and other substances to form a certain level of air pollution, air quality impact. Primary condensing gas boiler through the use of condensing heat exchanger from the boiler exhaust gas present in the condensed water vapor, to complete the advancement of the thermal power boiler, and can effectively reduce air pollution. In other countries, the use of condensing skills now in sophisticated stage. With the development of energy-saving and environmental protection requirements, condensing skills in our use and also have to carry out more and more prospects. In the course of condensation skills, detailed device often used to recover flue gas condensation heat and the like. 2. The heat pipe heat pipe is a highly effective skills transfer element, which is one of the most important skills in space science and technology of high-tech components. A vacuum condition inside the heat pipe, the presence of appropriate amount of liquid having a thermal conductivity in this vacuum condition inside. When the heated liquid heat pipe heat must have been terminated, the inside of the heat transfer liquid is absorbed immediately, so that a sharp rise in temperature itself, until steam is generated. When the vapor rises to the other end of the heat pipe, i.e., when the cold end, the corresponding latent heat of vaporization released out of body heat pass. In this case the effect of the steam is condensed again into liquid is liquefied, by virtue of its own gravitational force back to the heated end of the heat pipe. The heat pipe is performed through the above-described repetitive transpiration, condensation cycle to complete phase transformation latent heat of the flue gas absorption, release, and thus useful for conducting heat is completed. Heat pipe air preheater can be useful for all heating air burning, smoke decreased during the onset of heat loss, strengthen the power boiler burning hot air, effectively improve the industry used to carry out. Air heat pipe heat exchanger may be useful to complete the via flue gas heat for preheating the air, and efficient for the boiler furnace to complete the hot air supply feed. Heat pipe skills of scientific, rational use not only bring huge economic benefits to the industry to carry out and complete the decline may be useful energy, reduce pollution, play an important effect in carrying out environmental protection and national economy.

3. The system of circulating water pump system circulating pump frequency inverter skills are important skills in accordance with a detailed user heat demand, the frequency of the circulating pump motor for speed, after the completion of the circulating water system useful for conditioning. Practical use of that reduced power loss may be useful in the process of distribution pumps, power saving is to save skills. Based on hydrodynamics know, the circulating pump, the circulating water which, as a link between the two pump speed pump speed; the head, between the two pump speed was proportional to the square contact; the shaft power, the pump speed between the two was is proportional to the cube of contact. Thus, using a pump frequency of skills in the gas boiler, you can cycle through the method of slowing the pump speed to complete the pump power consumption is reduced.

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When using a gas steam heating vacuum boiler used need to focus on the details of the gas steam boiler it is also becoming more common, although the product stable operation, safe to use. But by no means can say that any manipulation. This time we took you tell us about the specific use some demanding attention when gas steam boiler. First of all, a good review before Kai blast furnace gas steam boiler furnace Kai review the most important step, we need to review where there are many, like the fuel gas pressure is appropriate, wind deflector smoke pipe flue pipe is already open, vacuum pump Sheung Shui whether conventional ....... Only the guarantee facility before Kai conventional furnace, ensure the safe use of security of the entire gas steam boiler. Second, this time using the shutdown shutdown also use this time is the most prudent step, we must first turn the fire into a small fire, and then carefully put out, shut the burner. The contents of the safe use of gas steam boiler should have so much, and if you can a lot of attention so much content is in use, it can be fairly safe use of gas steam boilers, there are details to avoid improper use.

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