Hong Kong Industrial Boiler Supplier

Hong Kong Industrial Boiler Supplier

Electric steam hong kong industrial boiler supplier into electronic and mechanical two categories: electric boiler level controller is a central nervous system-controlled steam, into mechanical and electronic two categories. Electronic probe electrode level controllers by three different high and low control level (i.e., the difference in height level) so as to control the heating time of the water supply pump and the furnace heating system, working pressure is stable, broad range of applications .

Many hong kong industrial boiler supplier manufacturers, in order to make it easier to select it, will give you a theoretical value table to help you as a reference, which details the size and weight of today's all steam boilers, choose what kind of industry. In this form of support, customers save a lot of time and trouble.

Pushing new fast hong kong industrial boiler supplier - a low nitrogen vacuum boiler "APH the T7" heavy starting at the show, numerous suction eye. "Thalia T7" launch, breaking the old burners + furnace construction mode, rational arrangement of low nitrogen burners, coupled with the furnace scientific, greatly enhance the operational efficiency of the boiler, the real "coupled," "burning "Tiancheng.

Acid cleaning method by using an appropriate amount of hydrochloric acid or nitric acid liquid corrosion inhibitor formulated and injected into the hong kong industrial boiler supplier descaling. Effect scale pickling solution is the role of dissolution, peeling and loose, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

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