Horizontal Steam Boiler For Textile Industry

Horizontal Steam Boiler For Textile Industry

Industrial gas boiler three effective cleaning method: industrial gas boiler in the working state of long-term high-intensity, inside the boiler will be essential to have a scale, dirt and other impurities which would seriously affect the life and thermal efficiency of the boiler, serious and even cause the boiler accident. Therefore, boiler cleaning is essential.

Recently, Henan Province issued the "2019 Henan ecological ideas and points", as follows.

1, the implementation of "winning Blue Sky Battle three-year action plan," "Henan tackling pollution prevention three-year action plan." We continued to do a good job in controlling coal, discharge control, train control, oil control, dust control, control burn "six control" based on the prominence of coal consumption reduction, optimize the industrial layout, transport restructuring, diesel trucks governance, urban dust remediation industrial upgrading green, clean heating construction, ecological expansion speed, enhance monitoring capacity, heavy pollution 10 iconic battles weather control and so on.

2, 2019 to promote the implementation of planning, environmental impact assessment and other "unified" requirement, in principle, then add the non-power sector coal consumption province-wide project to promote the transformation of shutting down coal-fired units and behind the irrational total of 1.5 million units kilowatt. Promote political urge the main town of coal units cleared and the main city of Luoyang coal units basically cleared. Do a good job clearing the continuing dynamic "scattered dirt" comprehensive improvement of enterprise and small coal-fired boilers. Township units continued to carry out an intensive investigation, the implementation of inventory management, network monitoring, inspections normalization mechanism, to treat small coal-fired boilers, found together with the ban.

3, already verified "messy dirty" business, in accordance with the principles of the rule after the first stop, the implementation of classification prosecuted. Do not meet industrial policy access, industrial layout planning, outdated equipment and technology, and no hope of treatment compliance, implementation of the "two off three clear"; the inclusion of the relocation of integration classes, in accordance with the principles of large-scale development, relocated to the industrial park and the implementation of upgrading; upgrading the inclusion of the class, set the industry benchmark, the implementation of cleaner production transformation, to raise the overall level of pollution abatement.

4, advancing the steel, aluminum depth treatment with carbon, cement, glass, coke, aluminum and other key industries. Deepen industrial enterprises fugitive emissions control, industrial furnaces special treatment, comprehensive treatment of industrial boilers, foundry industry depth governance, strengthen the petrochemical, chemical, packaging, printing, industrial painting and other key industries of volatile organic compounds pollution.

Gas heating boilers brand which is better? In general, gas heating boiler with hot water boiler majority, which is used for residential, hotels, resorts, medical and other industries heating heating, then gas heating boiler brand what is good? Can be from the following prices for this issue consider (1) the production process and production processes: a good brand boilers, boiler in every aspect of manufacturing, will strictly. For example, fast boiler, by way of mechanization, artificial intelligence and processing combination of each boiler manufacturing processes are standardized, of qualified. Quality and reputation (2) boiler: For this one, and in fact, on a reference standard is the same strain, pharmacy every aspect of caution, the quality is relatively good natural boiler. In the boiler market will naturally get customers. Application technology and operating efficiency (3) boiler itself: Since the development trend of the market boiler market is quite substantial, boiler manufacturers of competition, it becomes a technology competition, especially in energy saving technology. On the one hand is conducive to environmental protection, on the other hand improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. (4) boiler price problem: Given the consideration of aspects of the budget, the price of gas heating boiler will be our concern to. Xiao Bian believes that price should be based on quality and reputation-based, can not be generalized. (5) auxiliary boiler configuration, and other factors associated with the boiler. Generally speaking, the above points are gas heating boilers which brand comparison good measure direct and effective way, want to be useful.

Details of boiler boiler periodic inspection during operation, the pressure member at high temperature and pressure vapor medium effect at high temperature flames external radiation or smoke erosion, corrosion may occur, deformation, wear, fouling, burnt, leakage and other defects, It will appear fouling, coking phenomenon, if not timely detection and timely eliminate hidden dangers, could result in equipment damage, may lead to serious life and property losses. Visible boiler periodic inspection is very important. According to "Provisional Regulations on Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Supervision" and "Steam Boiler Safety Technology Supervision", "Hot Water Boiler Safety Technology Supervision" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations"), the State Quality and Technical Supervision Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Supervision Bureau has developed "boiler periodic inspection rules." Fast boiler for you regarding the removal of an important part of a regular inspection of boilers for everyone to share: fourth regular inspection of boilers includes external inspection, internal inspection and hydrostatic test three types: external test means that the boiler in operating state examination of the security situation of the boiler; 2, internal inspection means to inspect boilers security in a boiler shutdown state; 3, hydrostatic pressure test is a test boiler water as a medium, a predetermined boiler pressure strength and tightness testing member performed. Article boiler external inspection is generally carried out once a year, usually internal inspection once every two years, the general pressure test once every six years. For internal inspection of the boiler can not be, should be pressure test every three years. Internal pressure test and inspection cycle power plant boiler may be appropriately adjusted in accordance with the overhaul cycle power plant. Only when the internal inspection, external inspection and hydrostatic testing are within the acceptable period, the boiler can be put into operation. Article 6 except for normal periodic inspection, the boiler of the following circumstances, the following test should be conducted. External inspection: 1, the start reassembling the boiler put into operation; 2, the boiler stopped running more than a year to recover; 3, combustion and boiler safety automation system after the change. Internal inspection: 1, the newly installed boiler after one year; 2, to move equipment before the boiler put into operation; 3, boiler stop running more than a year before returning; 4, the pressure elements are important repairs or renovation and re-run after 5, according to the results of previous internal inspection and boiler operation, there are doubts about the safety and reliability of equipment;; 6 after a year, according to test results and external boiler operation, safety and reliability of the equipment when there is doubt. Hydrostatic Test: 1, reassembling the boiler before put into operation; 2, the pressure receiving element after major repair or reconstruction. Article VII When internal inspection, external inspection and hydrostatic test carried out in the same period, should be followed by an internal inspection, hydrostatic testing and external testing. Article 8 Units and boiler inspectors engaged in inspection work should qualify the project and the corresponding level in accordance with the relevant provisions of the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Supervision Agency. Article IX of the boiler using the unit, the unit should be carefully examine the implementation of this rule; Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Supervision Organization to oversee the implementation of this rule. Article X boiler unit boiler should be submitted in the prescribed periodic inspection of boiler units before the date of the inspection and periodic inspection applications. Use the integrated test units each test date unit boiler inspection plan worked out, and notify the boiler unit.

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