Hospital Atmospheric Fire Tube Boiler For Sale

Hospital Atmospheric Fire Tube Boiler For Sale

What users should be taken when using pressure hot water hospital atmospheric fire tube boiler for sale: the world since the 1970s, pressure hot water boiler, especially in the northern region will get extensive application in China. Its popular not only because of low cost, easy to manufacture, more simple management, operation and safety features in its. Because of pressure hot water boiler has been widely used in various industries, it is especially important to use precautions, especially for new people to take over, should note the following:

In general words, the flow of vapor within the evaporator is a natural circulation hospital atmospheric fire tube boiler for sale system - the density difference as the driving force, no external power consumption. Second, the boiler control loop is sometimes due to the pressure increase, the vapor - water density difference is reduced, the driving force of natural circulation decline. To ensure that there is a need to install a circulation pump within the downcomer a sufficient circulation flow rate, evaporation system, to enhance the driving force for circulating the working fluid, so called inner control loop heat pipe evaporator. Third, once-through boiler in the once-through boiler, the feed water from the feed pressure feed pump, heated by the economizer, through the evaporator heating surface in which vaporized completely evaporated into steam. No fixed demarcation point between the economizer, evaporator and superheater heating surface, the flow resistance along the entire stroke by the working fluid pump to overcome the pressure head.

Henan gas into the furnace hospital atmospheric fire tube boiler for sale fuel increased water hazards into the furnace when the fuel moisture increased, the economic impact on the operation of the gas and security of Henan boiler? (1) Influence of the fuel ignition and combustion stability, greatly affect the boiler combustion efficiency, resulting in increased ash carbon content. (2) when the fuel into the furnace of greater than 40% moisture, rapid deterioration of the combustion conditions, a sharp decline in the furnace temperature, Henan take positive and negative pressure gas boilers recurrent problem prone. Experimental studies have shown that, when the fuel into the furnace of greater than 60% moisture, heat emitted from the combustion of the fuel is greater than the moisture evaporation of the fuel, the heat required overheating, combustion can not be maintained. (3) After the fuel moisture into the furnace is increased, at the same load, leading to increased flue gas volume, gas velocity increases, increasing the wear rate of the heating surface of the tail; (4) water into the furnace after the fuel increase, the same load, resulting in smoke increasing the amount of exhaust gas temperature rise, increases heat losses. (5) increase in water after the fuel into the furnace, the flue gas water vapor content increases, the flue gas acid dew point temperature, increasing corrosion tail heating surface tubes.

It is understood, Shaanxi Province, 2018 - Continuing to promote the 2019 inspection work in key areas of defense sky war, now in its third phase. November 22, according to the requirements of the program of work for the inspection team to carry out all the Guanzhong area of ​​Shaanxi Province counties (cities, districts) inspection work, inspected 262 units, identify problems and 49, have been transferred to the supervision of Shaanxi Province 20 .

20 environmental issues in the supervision, accounting for 8 in Xi'an, Weinan City, accounting for 7, Baoji City accounted for two, accounting for two Xianyang City, a Korean city of Tongchuan City, Yangling Demonstration Zone and the New West Ham is not problem found.

More units found the problem, companies of "scattered dirt," the one, accounting for 5%; industrial pollution prevention and control 10, accounting for 50%; a coal-fired boiler renovation, accounting for 5%; comprehensive management of dust 1 , accounting for 5%; complaints 4, accounting for 20%; at three open burning control, accounting for 15%.

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