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Third, the "soot blowing" effect on the safe operation of the industrial boiler co ltd

To the sootblowing gas boiler may cause a negative pressure boilers, steam temperature, steam pressure, load fluctuations of the water level, but not the same impact soot-blowing of the boiler bring different heating surface, in response to these process sootblowing parameters strengthen View. On the impact of boiler soot blowing, in the following areas:

1, sootblowing have been affected for the stability of combustion, soot blowing in the process should strengthen the monitoring of combustion.

2, at low load operation and combustion instability, can not work sootblowing; simultaneously, so that the heating surface cleaning sootblowing, increased heat absorption, thus making the exhaust gas temperature is lowered.

3, since the sootblowing furnace pressure fluctuations result, a large negative pressure should be maintained in the furnace to prevent soot blowing to take pressure.

And this process can be concluded that the availability of gas fired industrial boiler co ltds transformation necessary.

Recent transformation case, make the transformation of gas, mostly small and medium sized coal-fired boiler coal-fired boiler, and a large-capacity gas fired boiler is generally carried out reform and uneconomical.

Burns Hospital Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi Linfen Linfen Steel is attending a hospital burns burns and other diseases. Hot water industrial boiler co ltd is essential hospital equipment heat, hot water output can provide disinfection of medical instruments and ward heating demand. With constantly improving our environmental policy, boiler correspondingly introduced more sophisticated Use. Linfen hospital burns to respond positively to the national environmental policy, decided to introduce an environmentally friendly low nitrogen gas hot water boiler. Taking into account the special circumstances of the hospital, the boiler should also have the use of safe, clean overall characteristics. Based on the above considerations, finalize the Linfen hospital with burns boiler party cooperation fast, fast is provided by one side of a gas condensing pressure hot water boiler (CWNS2.1-95 / 70-Y.Q).

The water circulation of the double horizontal tube water tube industrial boiler co ltd is divided into two parts: one part is the water circulation of the convection tube bundle between the upper and lower horizontal pots; the other part is the water circulation by the water wall tube around the furnace, wherein the water in the front and rear water wall tubes The steam-water mixture directly enters the upper drum, and the steam-water mixture in the water-cooled wall pipes on both sides enters the upper drum through the upper header and the steam guiding tube. The water in each water wall tube is supplied by a down pipe drawn from the lower drum.

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