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2019 Nanyang steam industry boiler indonesia will be a kind of innovation to change? This boiler equipment, long before that became many places to use the equipment, such equipment, mainly can be used for heating and hot water, and so on. So boiler equipment, is to become a factory which will use the equipment, but are now starting to appear a steam boiler, are some of the common equipment in the factory.

Hazard scale steam industry boiler indonesia steam boiler scale produced when using what harm it? Xiao Bian told you about hazards under the steam boiler scale today, hope can help to you. 1, waste of fuel, because the thermal conductivity decrease the thermal efficiency of the steam boiler scale ten times larger than the thermal conductivity of steel to the fractional number of times. Thus when the steam boiler scale junction, heat transfer performance of the steam boiler heating surface is deteriorated, fuel combustion heat is not released efficiently transferred to the boiler water, a large amount of heat is taken away by the flue gas, resulting in increased exhaust gas temperature, increase heat loss, reduce the thermal efficiency of the furnace. In this case, in order to ensure the parameters of steam boilers, adding more fuel would have to increase the temperature of the furnace and flue gas temperature, thus resulting in wasted fuel. It was estimated that the furnace has a heating surface junction 1mm thick scale, waste of fuel from about 3% to 5%. 2, the impact the safe operation of the steam boiler scale often generate high heat load heating surface. Scale due to the poor thermal conductivity, leading to greatly increased local temperature of the metal wall. When the temperature exceeds the allowable metal temperature can withstand, the metal creep due to overheating, decrease in strength, the working pressure in the boiler, a metal bulge will occur, and cracking of perforation, affect the safe operation. 3, the decrease of the steam boiler output scaling boiler, heat deterioration due to evaporation or to the rated nominal heat production, it is necessary to consume fuel. However, with the increase in scale thickness, and the area of ​​the grate furnace volume is constant, the fuel consumption is limited, the output of the furnace will be reduced. 4, fouling will reduce the life of the scale steam boiler heating surface shall be completely removed in order to ensure its safe operation. Whether manual, mechanical, or the use of cleaning chemicals will affect its service life. These are the steam boiler scale harm, in order to prevent the generation of scale, we can reduce the water flow rate, regular cleaning and other measures to reduce the harm of scale.

Gas steam industry boiler indonesia and hot water boiler equipment that are a most critical is that product differentiation: hot water boiler plant effluent certain amount of heat medium water measure; effluent gas steam boiler is a measure of the amount of steam. Second, the auxiliary slightly respectively: apparatus such as hot water boiler with hot water circulating pump, gas steam boiler is not used; gas steam boiler with a water level gauge, the device does not use the hot water boiler; gas steam boiler with partial cylinder, hot water boiler equipment water tank; the three boilers production, installation, use of the boiler, gas boiler steam demanding security number. Fourth, the key is to use the difference, gas steam boiler is out of the standard high-pressure saturated steam, as electricity use, textiles, Chinese and Western medicine and other industries, due to the outflow of steam, is therefore under pressure vessels, boilers use and installation must comply relevant laws and regulations pressure hot water boiler out of the heat medium is water, not pressure vessel.

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