Oilgas Fired Water Tube Boiler

Oilgas Fired Water Tube Boiler

Coal consumption steam oilfired water tube boiler water level and volume calculation conditions: steam boilers, which we must add water softener do? It is, then, whether coal consumption can be calculated as coal-burning this kind? In addition, with regard to this kind of boiler, what associated with difficult problems, we do not know and understand? Why should we ask these questions, its main purpose is to elicit the article content, and thus, can further this kind of boiler, thus, to increase their professional knowledge in this area. 1. steam boiler, which is sure to add soft water it? Steam boiler, which is the use of soft water is better, because this problem can be avoided boiler scaling, and this, too, applies to all boilers. Therefore, boiler water, should be tested to see whether water quality standards. If the water quality standard, you can not have water softening equipment.

Heating oilfired water tube boiler superheater heating stove maintenance process for a predetermined maintenance process for a predetermined superheater: compressed air on the other in the flow direction of flue gas external superheater fouling, for not blow clean hard scratch-off of fouling. When the sootblowing start the induced draft fan, open the appropriate opening degree of the damper flap. In each overhaul of superheater tubes should abrasion etc. inspection and expanding the crude, the crude by measuring the degree of expansion card superheater, exceeds the standard should be replaced with new pipes, a degree of wear of the caliper measurement superheater, exceeds the standard by replace with new tube, to check visually the superheater tubes, light or the like the degree of curvature drawn wire, bent beyond the standard should be corrected or new ones, after the inspection and make a record.

Generally speaking, after so many years of development, China's oilfired water tube boiler industry has indeed made great progress, while the boiler industry and enterprises are also faced with various challenges. Boiler industry must adhere to market-oriented strategy, closely rely on scientific and technological progress, scientific and technological innovation, under the guidance of national energy and environmental policy, company structure and product structure adjustment, manufacture and sale of boilers in line with market demand in order to occupy in the fierce competition in the market place.

We know just follow the short board Western technology, and Chen Yuanshi lasting bonds, will allow fast oilfired water tube boiler from complete "follow R & D" to "Leading Innovation" a new path of development. The completion of academician workstation, not only our party fast group of glory, boiler industry is a great event. Meanwhile, as the boiler industry is the only nationally recognized academician workstation, and we shoulder the mission is enormous, we focus on achieving "clear water and blue sky" toward the direction of the boiler "energy saving" unremitting efforts, so that the "academician workstation ' become a leading Chinese energy saving heating "benchmark."

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