Paper Industrial Boilers

Paper Industrial Boilers

PolockGroup Group was founded in 1999, is a famous comprehensive enterprise in Bangladesh, covering many types of machinery, textile, paper and other production and processing equipment. Whether mechanical manufacturing, textile processing or paper products can not do without the help of steam paper industrial boilerss. High quality steam can not only provide mechanical support for producing power; also meet the textile, paper processing disinfection process needs a number of drying, rinsing and the like. The performance of a steam boiler are very good in general can bring qualitative leap for the production.

What is improper maintenance period after discontinuation of the gas paper industrial boilers heating hazards present, China's heating season has come to an end, many dedicated to heating gas boiler has entered the period of suspension. Many users believe that disabled the boiler tubes will not need to, as long as doing cleaning and inspection work on it at the time of shutdown. As the boiler in the boiler industry for many years of business - fast boiler tell you, if neglected maintenance of the boiler during the gas boiler disabled, it is easy to make the boiler anomalies occur at the next start. Corrosion is a serious hazard gas boiler run time, the danger goes without saying that a lot of companies use gas-fired boiler units attach great importance to the boiler corrosion protection measures, and achieved some success. It should be emphasized that not only corrosion occurs during operation of the gas central heating boiler, if not take appropriate protective measures during boiler outage, will enter the oxygen in the gas boiler wet metal surface corrosion, this corrosion caused by damage to the gas boiler, much more often than in the serious corrosion in boiler operation, therefore, must draw our attention. Gas central heating boiler deactivated after the release came out of water, the pot or the furnace very humid, coupled with insufficient ventilation, long time in a wet state. After a lot of air to enter all parts of the air involved are likely to produce oxygen corrosion, and erosion due to ulcer type and form of multi-spot-based corrosion, resulting in a lot of rust. This effect will be that the internal boiler corrosion metal wall thinning, reduced strength, shortening the life of the gas central heating boiler. Therefore, even if the heating season has ended, gas heating boiler stop running for maintenance of the boiler we should not be ignored. Correct method of operation are: boiler stoker boiler regularly to conduct a comprehensive inspection, once the abnormal situation immediately take appropriate maintenance measures. At the same time, but also to ensure good boiler room ventilation and dry environment.

Gas paper industrial boilers target pressure fluctuation of issues related to the target pressure is the vapor pressure of the gas boiler size needed to get the actual site. To pay attention to the following points: 1, the steam pressure is directly related to the quality of steam, steam pressure 1.0Mpa as a watershed, 1.0Mpa or less, the lower the vapor pressure, the worse the steam quality; 10Mpa above, the higher the vapor pressure, the worse the quality of steam . Meanwhile, the boiler load can directly affect the quality of steam: 2, at a vapor pressure of boiler water salinity and certain conditions, the boiler load increases, the amount of water vapor with a small amount tends to increase. If you overload the boiler is running, it will be a serious deterioration in the quality of steam. 3, the steam containing impurities damage caused by excessive heat, reduce the heat transfer capability, it will wall temperature exceeds the critical limit temperature to allow the metal, leading to over-temperature burn smoke tube. Steam ranging from the endothermic reduction, overheating temperature decreases, the exhaust gas temperature increases, reducing boiler efficiency. First, a common cause pressure fluctuations: 1 different manufacturing lines; 2 boilers used in combination can cause pressure adjustment... II Solution: modified if necessary according to the actual pressure, it should be carried out within a small range stepwise correction, e.g. 0.02 adjusted up or down. Third, the professional advice: It is recommended to run at a higher pressure, increasing the pressure relief valve at the end. High-voltage transmission principle, the use of low pressure. 1, the advantages of the high pressure steam conduit delivering steam A. The small-diameter, heat loss;. B steam pipe lower costs, support costs less, low labor cost;. C lower cost insulation pipe;. D reduced pressure by using point may be obtained drier steam;. E high pressure boiler is easier to achieve optimum operation, higher operating efficiency;. F increase the heat storage capacity of the boiler, is easy to handle changes in load, and to reduce the priming with water possibility. 2, the low pressure steam pressure reduction A. advantages may be provided in a greater proportion of the steam latent heat;. B reducing the pressure of condensed water can be reduced calories, reduced secondary steam;. C under reduced pressure vapor after having a higher dry degree.

What is the paper industrial boilers air pollutant emission standards: To implement the "Environmental Protection Law of People's Republic of China" and the "People's Republic of China Air Pollution Prevention Law", to control emissions boilers, air pollution prevention, the State Environmental Protection Administration formulated the "boiler emissions of air pollutants standard ", the standard since 2001, enacted November 12, 2002 January 1 implementation.

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