Solid Fuel Fired Steam Boiler

Solid Fuel Fired Steam Boiler

Small steps in the installation of boiler parts: the main part of a small boiler for the body, chimney, sub-cylinder, water pumps, then its component mounting step is what is it? Here's to give you the specific introduction:

Harbin Thermal Power Co., the main city of Harbin is the largest cogeneration business, the company bear the city's heating area of ​​24 million square meters, to provide heat supply for more than 400 agencies, enterprises and 140,000 residents. Currently, the company is actively respond to the latest environmental standards introduced in China, the group mobilized up and down, stepping up technological innovation, upgrading environmental protection facilities, the project is expected to complete upgrading coal-fired boiler at the end of this year.

Harbin Thermal Power Co., the existing five boilers for heating and power generation: where to cogeneration units No. 7,8,9, and the other two hot water boilers. No. 9350 MW units which since 2017 was completed and put into operation, has achieved ultra-low emissions standards during construction. 7, No. 8 is 300 MW units were built in 2005 and 2006, these two units of environmental transformation began in 2013. Harbin Thermal Power Co., according to the latest environmental requirements, environmental upgrading facilities. First, soot emissions transformation, the introduction of advanced electric bag filter, followed by addition of sulfur, in addition to the transformation of nitrate, new burners in addition to the low nitrogen oxides of nitrogen, a wet desulfurization technologies in addition to sulfur dioxide. After four consecutive years of continuous transformation, 7,8 units in 2017, all the transformation is completed, achieve ultra-low emissions standards. For the two 116 MW hot water boiler was built in 2013, it has long been included in the transformation plan. Earlier this year preparatory work has been completed and environmental transformation has entered the bidding process in mid-October to start construction, completed renovation project at the end of December.

Hot water boiler should be cleaned regularly with hot water boiler overhaul to the timing of its finishing and maintenance, eliminating potential threat, but also the timing of its identification and testing. Check electric boiler inside there is no scaling or corrosion, while viewing their welding there is no gap or crack, do not underestimate that little slit, attack the source of some dangerous trouble is precisely that. Take a look inside the tube there is no wear and corrosion, especially at the interface wall. View pipes have not presented twists and turns, drum kits, depression, overheating and so on. Metal temperature on the electric boiler equipment also want to see, once overheated cooling is necessary to adopt appropriate treatment. Check whether the automatic control systems and related instrumentation also robust and flexible to use.

Adjusting the temperature of the hot water boiler: boiler unit according to local circumstances, the development of the boiler water temperature and outdoor air temperature curve, the amount of combustion operation timely adjusted according to the corresponding relationship between the predetermined water temperature and outdoor air temperature, water temperature requirements of the network management system and the predetermined temperature by no greater than 120 ℃. To change the water temperature gradually, increased or decreased water per hour of not more than 20 ℃.

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