Steam Boiler Brochure

Steam Boiler Brochure

Mr. Lu Haigang mechanism for promoting the company's innovative company with a brief overview of the results related to the design and operation of the boiler were carried out on-site laboratory report. Mr. Jiang Zuojun hardware and software technology R & D infrastructure of the group now has a fully affirmed and expressed the company play a greater role in the adjustment of domestic environmental protection in low-emission structure expressed expectations.

Pipes and tubes checking gas boiler wall thickness shall be as specified in the relevant standard, to ensure accurate detection value obtained.

Boiler blowdown regularly operating precautions and standardize the process of boiler blowdown regularly handling precautions and standardize the process: a periodic sewage Note: 1 before the sewage should contact the principal value of the furnace, and get consent before proceeding turbine. 2. When the sewage water level to maintain normal after sewage, sewage check the door is closed tight. 3. When the doors open sewage should not exceed 30S, can not open two or more sewage doors to prevent damage to the water cycle. 4. The door should open the drain slowly to prevent water hammer occurs. The water valve off a small impact should occur until the water impact disappears, and then slowly open the drain door. The operation of the valve should stand side of the valve, the valve timing is prohibited. Two blowdown flow operation: 1. After receiving the task given row, PPE dressed, F bring special wrench, open the given row situ total gate. 2. once the door fully open, contact fireman DCS screen to open the corresponding electric door sewage, sewage finished, first off the secondary door, shut the door once, by-road in turn. All sewage finished, close the door once each sewage and sewage overall door. 3. sewage, should pay close attention to the water level, the water level there is any abnormal or accident, it should stop the sewage. 4. sewage 2 hours, should check whether each door door cores sewage leakage, such as sewage drain should quickly open the door again to drain the residue may be caught at the door core (boiler should contact before the main operation value). Note: The whole process should be done and sewage closely DCS operator.

By many domestic boiler users of statistics informed the actual operating expenses: the same module boiler capacity than a single large boiler can be frugal l8% + amount of substance. Atmospheric boiler series for conventional steel boiler, in the pre-concept, is a new way to break through, whether in this type of boiler energy-saving, environmental protection, security, control, or in the installation, capacity expanded by accounting the easiest plane and spatial placement and other aspects of the size of the object surface or may not have more advantages. We make sense to believe in all kinds of new construction, renovation heating, hot water conservancy engineering process will be more widely used, as we will from now on be able to thrift + amount of substance to work and make due contributions. 5. Cost: The price is the key to some of the costs. Cost of raw materials containing expenses, transportation, and other expenses worker co-produced is counted as cost, so the cost of a natural product of the higher prices will be high. 1, the boiler steam pressure boiler systems automatically adjust the steam pressure control system for automatic regulation system enters the work situation at the time of burning phenomenon Heart absolutely essential conditions: steam pressure pot a pressure higher than or equal to the set maximum value, the control The system outputs a stop signal.

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