Steam Boiler With European Standard

Steam Boiler With European Standard

When the steam boiler with european standard is shut down, it is normal to have air coming in because when the boiler is started, when the air door or drain door is opened during the heating and pressure rise process, the air will be discharged, and after that, the air will no longer enter the boiler. So, don't worry about bad effects or consequences.

When operating the boiler, what is the "waters"? When the boiler water gauge did not see the water level, wash first with water table method to determine water or with water. If it is determined that water, water level meter for even the highest fire tube boiler is lower than the boundary, emergency shutdown immediately, reducing the furnace temperature, the main steam valve and to close the valve. For larger capacity of water, and the water boiler higher than even the highest fire tube boiler industry, can be "called water" method to determine the severity of water shortages, in order to take appropriate measures. When the "waters" to determine water shortage is not serious, it can continue to the boiler feed water, the water level returned to normal, gradually warming up to start burning equipment, boost operational. Through the "waters", sentenced to severe water shortages, have emergency shutdown, non-blind feed water to the boiler. Never allow chances attempt to cover liability resulting boiler water shortage and water supply blind. This wrong approach often lead to disaster, expansion of the accident, causing the boiler furnace explosion and crash. The method of "waters" are: (1) turn on the water tap open water table. (2) stripping off cock. (3) close the water cock. (4) and then turn on the water tap is closed. (5) and then turn the tap water, to see whether there is water out from the water pipe is connected. If out of the water, the water is slightly; if no water appears, proved to be a serious shortage. "Waters" process can be repeated several times but not delay too long, so the expansion of the accident. "Waters" principles of operation are: After draining cock open, then close the steam, the water pipe connected between the water cock and the table, so that a large vapor communication with the water table, water gauge pressure is zero. Then again closed drain cocks open water pipe connected between the water cock and the water table, because the pressure within the drum water level higher than the inner pressure table, if the drum water level is in the vicinity of the water pipe connected to the water vapor stream is brought into water table, which shows the extent of water shortage is not serious. If the "waters" has never been in the water table level, water is considered more serious.

In recent years, the state environmental protection is all the more attention we as a company with the times, in order to respond positively to the implementation of the national environmental protection requirements from coal to gas project. But the choice of boiler suppliers in this area quite a headache, after repeated comparison and investigation, we chose to partner with fast boiler. Fang did not disappoint quickly proved that the recommended boiler operation after use to fully meet our needs, both energy saving and environmental protection, high thermal efficiency, to a certain extent, cost savings for our fuel. --customer feedback

Working principle of boiler deaerator

Nowadays, the use of large-scale steam boilers is increasing. Compared with the auxiliary equipment, the most important thing for the boiler is to influence the deoxidation. Therefore, the knowledge of the deaerator is collected and introduced to you:

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