Use Of Boilers In Chemical Plants

Use Of Boilers In Chemical Plants

How it affects the operation of the heat storage capacity use of boilers in chemical plants regulation? A: When the external load variation, the temperature in the boiler and metal working fluid, the heat and other changes have occurred. When the load increases as combustion is not timely adjusted so that the steam pressure drops, the corresponding saturation temperature drops, a corresponding reduction in boiler water liquid heat, and the heat storage pot of water at this time in the metal release, will become part of vaporized boiler water itself steam. These generate additional evaporation, can play a role in mitigation of the vapor pressure decreased. Thus, the greater the heat storage capacity, vapor pressure lowering speed slower. In contrast, when the same combustion conditions, load reduction of the vapor pressure is increased due to the saturation temperature, metal working fluid, and a part of the heat will be stored, so that the vapor pressure rise slowed down. Therefore, heat storage capacity of the boiler, the stability of the operating parameters is advantageous. But when the boiler adjustment, needs to actively changes the combustion condition is changed, the boiler load, pressure, temperature, heat storage capacity due to the slow changes, need not adapt quickly to changes in operating conditions.

Electric heating water use of boilers in chemical plants works belonging horizontal electric heating hot water boiler power steam boiler furnace using the electrical control cabinet separated manner to avoid thermal aging of the electrical components affect the service life. Electric tube using domestic and international high-quality products. Normal service life of 20,000 hours, and nearly 99% thermal efficiency, quiet, clean, environmentally friendly, without emission of nitrogen oxides (nitrogen oxides) into the atmosphere. PLC control system operation, no buttons, no pointer, touch screen, Chinese and English display, man-machine dialogue, authorization to operate, real-time information, auto-flip. All electrical components are CE and CCC certification mark to ensure product safety and service life. Centralized heating elements each beam flange connection, has a simple structure, high mechanical strength, safe, reliable, easy to replace, and long service life. Having a simple structure, high mechanical strength, easy to replace, and long life. Vapor space, good steam quality, electromechanical components separately installed, the electronic control elements away from heat, allows for heat dissipation. It can be used in parallel with one or more units. PLC programmable control and display computer, automatic control of temperature through the man-machine interface. The display shows the operating parameters and equipment failure alarms. Electric heating boiler is relatively simple structure. Connected triangulation electric heating tube, the three heating pipe connected to a set of external cover connected to an external electrical device on the flange, electrically heated screen disposed in the heating process externally medium heating tube group is completed in the cylinder. No need to lay pipes. It is provided with water inlet, hot water outlet (or steam), safety valves, pressure gauge, and a drain valve on the wiring board main body simplified. Works electric heating boiler feed water metal pipe heated by electric heater, electrical energy directly into heat (hot water or steam generation). It does not require burning by the chemical energy into thermal energy, and therefore no need to provide the air required for combustion of fuel, does not require emission of harmful gases and ash in full compliance with environmental requirements. Electric boiler electric heating element wide range, depending on the form of heating elements, generally divided into resistive, and thin film electrodes. Resistance to a high impedance resistor type tubular heating elements. After power on, tubular heating elements generate heat, hot water or steam into the water. Tubular heating element from the metal shell, and an oxide conductor layer. The advantage of this element is not charged, the use of safe, does not pollute the water quality. The problem is to increase the capacity of the boiler is dependent on the number of tubular heating element and the boiler load is adjusted according to the number in operation. Thus, the electrical heating element arrangement limits the capacity of the boiler. Works electrode element electrode is the electrode into the water, using the water resistance of the high energy directly into electrical energy. In this conversion process is almost no energy loss. A common electrode is divided into electrode type element and a high pressure type electrode type. Electrode very safe operation of the boiler, the boiler will not dry burning phenomenon. Once the furnace because the water is cut off, the channel between the electrodes is cut off, the current is zero, the boiler is automatically stopped. Electric film Electric film heating technology is a new technology developed in recent years. It has a higher specific resistance wire heating electric conversion efficiency. The principle is sprayed on the surface of the semiconductor thin film enamelled steel (metal oxide), i.e., microspheres electric material, to achieve high-power electric conversion. It has a wide range of applications, long life, high current impact resistance capability, substrate adhesion, cold resistance, high thermal shock damage resistance for a variety of base materials, simple equipment, less investment, low requirements for the process operating environment features.

For a long time, the use of boilers in chemical plants and burner are attributed to two different sectors each R & D re-combination, but the overall performance of the gas boiler, there is a qualitative impact. Fang fast R & D team after two years, estimates adjusted 300 times, breaking the status quo burner and boiler production separate, optimized depth coupled combustion system and heat transfer system architecture, combined boiler and combustion system, combustion system and successfully developed the depth of the heat transfer system coupled "Euromonitor θ5", so that gas-fired boiler into a complete energy system, to achieve a qualitative leap. "Euromonitor θ5" additional air pre-heater, cold air through the heat exchange tubes and the body opening for the flue gas countercurrent heat exchanger, the exhaust gas temperature is lowered while saving fuel; using a condenser, economizer flue gas heat recovery, thermal efficiency of the boiler can be increased by 10%; the use of FGR flue Gas recycling technology and Ultraten wing technology, improve heat transfer efficiency, emissions of nitrogen oxides emissions standards in line with domestic cities.

Winter arrived, heating use of boilers in chemical plantss are you ready? Winter arrived, heating boilers are you ready? Winter quietly approaching, many northern areas has entered a state of hibernation, the temperature has reached 0 degrees, every time this time there are a lot of people began to take certain measures for heating, 12 cities in general central heating are some more, but some rural areas, or bungalow home are generally open to air conditioning to heating, it will not only heating effect in general, but also spend a lot of power. Heating boiler to the presence of a large proportion of rural households and factories with a warm, fast heating boiler side has four advantages: (1) never explosion hazard, do not be close monitoring test. (2) relief without regard to the issue of the boiler room. (3) simplify the process and save steel, coal-fired boilers and then scrapped. (4) protect the power failure, saving the user investment. This fast boiler with four major characteristics of the gas heating boiler to play a greater advantage. Welcome to the new and old customers call us to order the boiler.

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